Friday, December 2, 2011

Kenya Bound

When you pray, God answers. Not always as directly as we might like or with the response we want, but the important thing here is that He DOES!

When I felt God tugging on my heart to sign up for a missions trip with APU, I did it. I had no idea where He would lead me or what the cost might be, how long it might be, etc. Although the planner in me would generally freak out about the lack of knowledge, I had COMPLETE peace and joy knowing I would be going wherever God was preparing for me to go. I prayed that He would open my heart and mind and that I would go willingly wherever I was assigned, and that I would know that it was where HE wanted me to serve.

When I got the e-mail this past week saying I was going on the Kenya (Kipkaren) team, I was overjoyed! I had initially put down Kenya as a request, but said "send me wherever You lead" instead and this was the result! Because of this, I know with 100% certainty that this is where God wants me to be, without a doubt! I still don't know details--we have our first team meeting tonight. All I know is that I will be flying to Kenya sometime in the summer of 2012 with three other girls to serve God and the people of a small village called Kipkaren in Western Kenya.

Do I know when, how long, how much, and so many other questions one might wonder when signing up for a trip? No! Do I have peace about this? YES! God is stirring in my heart and I have never felt so sure of something and so at peace, despite my ultra-planner ways! God is just so awesome! I can't wait to meet my team tonight and find out some of these exciting pieces of information! Ultimately, I can't wait to see God at work in Kipkaren...I know what I experience will be life changing and I will finally get to have my heart broken for what breaks God's heart--something I've never really experienced in such an extreme way. I will update when I find out the details :)

For now, here are some interesting things about KENYA!

Kenya Flag!

Where Kenya is on the map!

In Kenya, there are about 41 million people. There are more than FORTY different tribes of people that are speaking over SIXTY different languages...that is hard to grasp!!! Insane! 

This is Lake Victoria, the second largest fresh-water lake in the world (after Lake Superior of course!) I plan on staying a few days after if we don't get around to seeing this amazing lake and going on a safari, which Kenya is also famous for!

Definitely have to figure out how to make this happen! haha

This is Mt. Kenya, the second largest mountain in Africa (after Kilimanjaro!) I would LOVE to climb it someday...hope to at least get a glimpse while there :)

Although I know Kenya will be a beautiful place and I will see beautiful things, I am most excited to do God's work! Over 31% of the Kenyan population has never even heard about Jesus! What an amazing opportunity my group has to be used by God, to come to Him and say, "Lord, use us in any way you see fit! Break my heart for what breaks yours! Let me be a light and be a reflection of your love and joy!" God is going to do amazing things with this trip and I think about it everyday...I truly cannot wait to be used by Him in this beautiful place!

Until next time,


Sunday, November 6, 2011

For The Bible Tells Me So

I grew up in a home where Fox news was constantly on, but where the channel would often be changed to CNN to compare how the more liberal side of the media projected things. This is something I've always appreciated because it's helped me to be observant of how far passionate left-sided people will go to avoid certain issues, as I'm rediscovering with a documentary I'm currently watching on Netflix called, "So the Bible Tells Me So." I wanted to watch this documentary because it was in the "critically acclaimed" section and I was curious as to how a liberal film maker would portray Christians regarding the topic of homosexuality.

Not surprising at all, the documentary makes Christians look crazy and insensitive. They also take the pieces of scripture where homosexuality is discussed and change the context to fit what is "politically correct" and to help it fit what they find "convenient" for their own lives.

They talk about how all of these organizations say homosexuality is genetic and can't be "fixed" and that there's no scientific evidence to prove otherwise...well there's no scientific evidence to prove that atoms formed form a pile of mud when the temperature was just right and that from there we grew to be animals and then humans. THERE ISN'T SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE FOR EVERYTHING BECAUSE GOD ISN'T SCIENTIFIC!!! That's why it's called faith!

A final thing they discuss is how those who oppose homosexuality are afraid of gay people, and even go as far as comparing it to Hitler and his hatred of the Jews. Wow...seriously? It then blames the church for creating an environment in which gays are looked down's talking about what God says is WRONG. God also says it's wrong to get drunk, have sex before marriage, or cheat on your spouse. What about the people who commit those crimes? Wouldn't they also say the church is creating an unhealthy environment for these people too? It's only an "unhealthy environment" because they feel guilt for what they're doing! All sin is SIN, and you should feel bad about sinning! But then you can accept you messed up and receive forgiveness because Jesus died for that! There is grace and mercy for everyone!

"Just because it's written in the Bible doesn't mean that's how we do it today." One of the closing lines from a practicing rabbi...this video just acts as a reminder of how messed up our world is. I have to keep repeating Romans 12:2 over and over and over again.

"Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve God's will--His good, pleasing, and perfect will!"

Thank you God for Your word that speaks truth. I pray that You'd give me humility and understanding in difficult matters like this. I ask that You'd pour Your love and kindness into me daily so I could love on everyone in this world that has conformed and has lost their way, and to those who haven't. I ask that You'd give me mercy and You'd show Your grace. The state of our world brings me to tears Lord, I can only imagine how it breaks YOUR heart. I know I'm also guilty of twisting what you say to make it fit into my own lifestyle choices, and I'm so sorry for the times that I did that. I thank You for showing me the errors in that and for showing me what You say is truth and should be followed. I ask that You reveal Yourself and Your holiness to people that need to hear the truth. I thank You for Your love and grace Father. In Your precious name, Amen.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dreaming In A Winter Wonderland...

Woke up and felt like I was home because it was so cool in our apartment and I was so cozy! I wanted to look out the window and see snow falling slowly, making everything outside quieter and softer :) CANNOT wait for one month and eleven days! Yayyyy!

Listening to "Marry Me" makes any girl's mind wander...

"You wear white and I'll wear out the words 'I love you' and 'you're beautiful'...the wait is over."

Tonight was one of those nights I was thinking about how lucky I am to have Josh. No, not lucky, it wasn't luck that brought him into my life. It was God. So now I rephrase and say how BLESSED I am to have Josh. Not in a needy/desperate way! I've never felt like I needed a guy to make me happy or feel good about myself. But Josh, he's the real deal. He's it. Just thinking about the almost TEN months we've shared together makes me emotional (what doesn't make me emotional...? haha!). I feel like it's been so much longer than that because I know all of him and he knows all of me, but I also can't believe it's almost been a year that has passed! Where does time go?

Anyways, just reflecting on the love that fills my heart from such a wonderful man, the laughter and joy he brings into my life, the comfort he helps me find through his wise words from experience and from encouraging me to turn to God, the reminder he is that obedience and trust in God is the most important thing and that God is just and faithful to those who trust in many things I've learned from Josh. I can't believe how blessed I am. Looking at the lyrics for the song at the top, I laugh. Almost a year ago, a friend jokingly asked if I thought I'd marry Josh. I laughed it off, simply because I already felt at that point that he was the one that God had placed into my life to be my lifelong friend, lifelong encourager in my faith, and lifelong love...but I was too afraid to let myself fall that easily, or admit that I had already fallen. I didn't know what the future held then, and I still don't with 100% certainty--only God does. But I trust that all things work together for His good.

To close, I want to quote a recent chapel speaker who asked us, "how will your marriage help God's kingdom?" I love this quote and remind myself of it every time I think about the future with Josh and wherever that may be...this question from the speaker at chapel is the most important thing you can ask as a couple before making such a decision. HIS kingdom come, HIS will be done...however He may choose to do that to best further His kingdom is the way it should be done :)

It is longggg past my bedtime! Sweet dreams!


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trusting in the Lord!

I'm so excited it's November! Where do the days go?! I'm almost halfway done with my sophomore year! Wow! A year ago, I had it all figured out--or so I thought. I've always been a planner, but now God is saying, "You have to trust ME!" So as confused as I am about my future now and what I will choose to study, I'm excited about this opportunity to trust in God with all I've got! What a loving God I have that He would pick the biggest barrier I have (planner, future-looking) and take it away to force me to depend on Him. I've been praying about this barrier for a longgg time because I know it can put a gap between God & I. Now there is no gap! Gotta love faith :)

I'm currently listening to the sound of the wind blowing through the trees and feel at ease...I'm pretending they're not palm trees so I don't feel like I'm on vacation haha. It's funny the simple things I took for granted at home...the things I now find such beauty in and would do anything for. I couldn't wait to leave Minnesota and now I can't wait to leave California.

It can be very difficult for me to see the beauty in California. It's so ironic because people choose this as a vacation destination--now I see it as dirty, over-populated, not so friendly people, and everything over-priced. Last week I kept looking at schools near my home that I could try and transfer to junior year. I miss everything about it sooooo much. Jamie says that comes in waves, but I feel like this is either an extremely large wave or a brick wall I'll have to get used to. I love APU so much and am so grateful to be here, but it doesn't feel right most of the time. The midwest will always be home. I desperately hope that it's where I'll end up. For now, I'll finish school at APU and see where God leads me after that.

Life is such an adventure, every day a precious precious gift. As lonely as I might feel living here sometimes, I have to remember how truly blessed I am and how people have much worse things to worry about--like being persecuted for their faith or starving to death. The blessings God has given me are abundant and overflowing! These thoughts are the ones that keep me positive. God is my light in the darkness, my sustainer, my provider. For that, I will remain grateful. For that, I will look to my God for comfort and peace.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


God never fails to humble me. 

When I'm having judgmental thoughts, He turns it around by showing me something about that person to help me see them differently. When I'm irritated with someone, He shows me their heart and helps me to reach out to them.

Well, today I was humbled in a different way. I've been having lots of mixed feelings about being here and missing home more than I ever have after having been there last weekend. Today, I got a text from a close friend who said she loves me and and wanted to know what she could pray about for me...I'm teary eyed thinking about what a blessing she is and all of the other people I'm blessed to call friends from APU/younglife! I know God put me on her heart and mind because He knew/knows exactly what I need!!!

Although this isn't the "ideal" living situation and the ideal family situation (I MISS MY MOM EVERY DAY!), it is days like this when a simple text message reminds me how lucky I am to be here and know such people. Thank you Jesus for the simple yet beautiful reminders! :)

Thoughts On A Study Day...




Jesus, please give me Your peace that transcends allllll my understanding. No matter how hard I try to analyze, think, plan, nothing will come of it. Please help me to give all of my anxious thoughts to You! I don't want them anymore! Please help me to love her in a way that makes You proud. Please help me to be more understanding and patient. I ask for you light to shine through me, Lord and that you'd show me what Your peace looks like through these situations that I'm struggling with. Thank you so much for listening and hearing my prayer Lord. I love You so much!


Friday, October 7, 2011


Home is where the heart I have two homes.

  1. Minnesota
  2. California
I'm having a hard time. Being home feels amazing. I have been so incredibly homesick and I truly forgot how wonderful Minnesota is. This will always be my home. Everything is beautiful, everyone is nice, and it's familiar

California on the other hand is home because all my friends are there, Josh is there, and APU is there. I love APU so much and couldn't feel more blessed to be attending such an amazing Christ-centered school! But I cannot explain how difficult it will be to get on the plane Sunday night, knowing I won't be back here for two more months.

I miss my family and the familiarity. I miss the nice people everywhere. I miss the simplicity. I miss being able to drive 15 minutes and being in farmland or going the other way and being in Minneapolis. California has its "advantages", but I didn't realize how often I block out how lonely it can make me feel sometimes.

I know when it comes time to graduate, I will have some tough decisions to make about my future and where I'll be, but for now, I'm content having two homes to come back to with people who love me and care about me.

For now, I'll continue to enjoy my weekend home and cherish the time I do get to spend with family in the place that will always be my home.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Catch Up!

I forget to blog...I'm only reminded because of Nichole Moor, aka my blog obsessed friend! haha! So here's whats been happening.

Me best friend/roommate got baptized two weeks ago! I was so proud of her for "taking the plunge!" :) It made me emotional, but for good reasons! Haha lovelovelove her!

I got to go to a younglife retreat last weekend for all the leaders of the LA area (there were probably 150 college-aged people there, ready to learn more about being an awesome younglife leader! It got me so pumped to start up our new younglife at Sierra High School! Of course, it wasn't all learning! We had a tacky prom Saturday night ;)

Claremont/Sierra leaders :)
Amanda and Laura, love them so much!

It was super pretty there!

Oh, and I did get to go to yacht club for about thirty minutes before we left for the retreat ;) I only took a few pictures but here is my fave with Heidi!

In the past week, I got assigned my D-group and I am so excited to meet the six girls in it and grow together! I have been looking forward to this since January!! I also inherited a severe cold in the past few days haha! It's probably the worst cold I've ever had...ironically none were ever this bad in Minnesota! haha! I also cannot wait to start younglife. Jamie and I talked and she wants me to be a senior leader! I was sooo excited when she told me! I love younglife and am such a planner so I felt like it was right, but wanted to be respectful of her desires as well. So now I'm just pumped to start! All of the other areas have started club and it makes me SO antsy, but I also have to realize we are BRAND new and club might not even start club until next semester. We will be starting tutoring in the coming weeks though, and that's how we'll recruit kids so that makes me excited. Other news...there's an amazing surprise. But I'm not saying it in case the person it involves by some chance is reading this. But it's happening Thursday and I CANNOT wait! It's all I'm thinking about! :D

Well, it's probably time to get more sleep (if that's even possible)!


Monday, September 19, 2011

The Prodigal Daughter

One of my favorite parables in the Bible comes from Luke and is titled The Prodigal Son. To summarize, it's a story about a son who runs away from his home simply because he wants to. The father's heart breaks and yearns for his son, but he knows that someday his son will return. One day, the father knows that the day has come--his son is coming home to him. He runs out to the field and meets his son, who is now poor and dirty, with open arms. The father orders a feast to be made for the return of his son who chose to leave his home. The son doesn't understand why his dad is so forgiving...but he just IS. If you didn't catch it, the father in this story is God and we are the son. I have been feeling like this prodigal son for a while now. I have felt space between myself and God, knowing it was me and not Him. Knowing that my God is jealous for me and wants an intimate relationship with me. I continued to be distracted by pointless and earthly things, letting the days pass by without even a glance towards my Bible. Not even a thought to where the day came from! For who blessed the day! This is not me or who God created me to be! I am here for a purpose, and that purpose is to worship my God, my KING! He deserves all of the praise and honor, not a mere thought when I "have the time".

During chapel this morning, the speaker said something that really got me teary-eyed: Like a child and a father, God waits for us to curl up into His arms. We might say, "I've missed You Father", and in response He would say, "But I've been here all along." No matter what you do or don't do, God is ALWAYS there, just like the father in the story of the Prodigal Son. He is waiting for you to turn back to Him and for you to make Him the center of your life, and not just another thing to check off your to-do list. After spending two hours in the prayer chapel tonight, I'm feeling so much closer already. I curled up into my Father's arms tonight and did something I haven't done in a while--I gave Him ALL of my time and attention for however long necessary. God is the groom, and we are the bride. We are supposed to have an intimate relationship with Him. I know I'll have many more times where I'll forget this and go astray, but at the end of the day, I know He'll be waiting with arms wide open, ready to embrace me and tell me He's been there all along waiting for me to come home.

Thank you Father for your UNCONDITIONAL love! There is no love like Your love! Nothing on Earth even comes close! Help me to yearn for You like You yearn for me! Set a thirst in my soul that only you can quench Lord! I long to know You and give You all of the praise You are worthy of! Thank You for being jealous for me and pursuing me even when I don't pursue You. I love You soooo much!

With Love,

Thursday, September 15, 2011

So I'm A Sophomore...

It's true, my second year of college is in action at the end of my second week of being back in school. I forgot how wonderful campus was filled with happy faces and hugs :) I love being at a school where I randomly run into my sister or friends daily. APU is small enough where I feel important, but big enough so I can keep meeting new people. I love my semester already! My favorite class is definitely Intro to Teaching! It is making me so excited to get to my career in just a few short years! I am reminded quite often of how blessed I am to be here--here in this beautiful, God-centered, amazing place! It's all thanks to God! Today, I was reminded in the form of asking my teacher a question about a homework assignment I did and him interrupting me saying, "Ya know, you are a very nice person. I like you." Excuse me, my teacher notices me and values me? Yep! In my English class, we do a five minute devotional every day and reflect on a Bible verse given to us...and it's part of my grade?! Yep! APU is the best thing that's ever happened to me! I know when I graduate, it will be a culture shock in a sense because I will no longer constantly be surrounded by Christians just waiting to lift me up in prayer and thoughts, but this "in-between" period has already been so amazing and I'm SO happy to have another two years here after this one. I have never had so many friends or teachers that genuinely care about me. It makes me emotional just thinking about it! God is SO good to me and I see His blessings in so many ways here!

In other news, I am so excited for YoungLife to start at the new group we have at Sierra High School! A year ago I didn't even know what YoungLife was! Now this will have been my third school that I've done YoungLife at! How crazy is that?! God definitely challenged me this past year in various way, but I know it was so necessary for me to grow! I'm crossing my fingers on the Senior Leader thing but either way, I'm soooo happy to be leading with Jamie and Harrison! I love them both so much and never laugh harder than when I'm with them! I just know God is going to work in these kids' hearts and it's going to be beautiful :) Difficult, but SO worth it!

Also, the studying abroad thing. I'm trying to finish up and get an application in before October 1st to a program I found in London! It's through a Christian organization, which I really wanted! I need to be praying about it because it's definitely something that I go back and forth with in my head! I feel like God keeps bringing it back though for a reason haha! I don't know...we shall see what happens with that!

Anyways, time to go to job #2 of the day!

Thank you Lord for Your provision and love and alllll of Your blessings!


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Heaven & hell

It has been a month since I last posted. A lot has happened in the last month. Minnesota, Jamie's home, challenges/growth in my faith, and more! What I really want to talk about though is not my life, but my "after-life". At church on Sunday we heard about Heaven in a really great sermon. I got emotional as the pastor talked about all the things we'd encounter: how we'd greet our loved ones, continue to learn about God and His ways, explore, and how all our emotional, physical, mental, etc. pain would be taken away. He described how Jesus' hands, the hands that created the Grand Canyon and Niagra Falls, the hands that reached out from a manger, the hands that were pierced with nails for our sins, THOSE majestic hands that created everything would wipe away our tears. Golly this makes me teary-eyed just thinking about it! Haha! As the pastor continued to describe how those in wheelchairs would be running around, I watched a mother tearfully rub the arm of her son who was seated in a wheelchair next to her. We than sang "You Hold Me Now", which is a song that describes Heaven. It was beautiful and I was truly touched.

On the other side of Heaven though is hell of course. Francis Chan recently came out with a book called Erasing Hell. In light of recent controversey over Rob Bell's book that discusses how hell is the everyday problems way encounter like abuse, disease, etc., Francis wanted to look at what Scripture says and not put any of his own personal opinions in his writing. He wants everyone to know the truth, even if it's not pleasant. Because lets face it, hell is NOT pleasant. I just read something within the book that made me emotional (me? emotional? shocker! haha!) Francis writes about what Paul said about hell and the verse that made me emotional is 2 Thessolonians 1:6-9 which says, "God considers it just to repay with affliction those who afflict you, and to grant relief to you who are afflicted as well as to us, when the Lord Jesus is revealed from heaven with his mighty angels in flaming fire, inflicting vengeance on those who do not know God and on those who do not obey the gospel of our Lord Jesus. They will suffer the punishment of eternal destruction, away from the presence of the Lord and from the flory of his might." Wow. The part that really struck me about this is those we do not know God. This makes me think of my last blog post, and the people all over the world that might not even have access to a Bible and therefore would only learn about God from a missionary. This makes me so sad to think just makes me want to go all over the world and tell everyone! This book is definitely opening my eyes and making me take hell more seriously. It's eternity and I don't want my family members and friends that don't believe in God to be in eternal suffering and loneliness. It breaks my heart to even imagine the pain. Heaven is so easy to attain, God makes it so easy and He gives us the choice! I just want everyone to choose Him! I know that God's ways are higher than mine and I don't always understand His reasons for things, but all I can do is be a light and witness. I can't risk another day not telling the people I know that don't believe about God. Forever is too long.

I'll update as I get further along in this book and as I learn more about this very difficult thing!



Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bold & Full of Courage

I often forget how easy I have it--I can choose from multiple church services and can freely declare my faith in the Lord in public places. Although I may get weird looks or mean comments regarding my belief, I do not know persecution. I do not know what it feels like to literally risk everything for my God. Although I made that claim when I became a believer (and believe that if put through a horrible situation, I would still cling to God), I do not know what suffering for God looks like. We're doing a series in church called "Christian Atheism". After seeing this amazing video at church the other day, I was reminded of my desire for God and how crazy that should look to non-believers. The kid in this video reminds me that I should CONSTANTLY be making myself uncomfortable for God. He was able to publicly declare his faith in front of all of his peers at a public high school graduation! That is incredible to me! I should not feel comfortable at ALL in my faith! I should continuously be talking about God, especially to those who don't believe, and especially if it makes me seem "strange" in their eyes. I don't put myself out there nearly enough, and it's no longer an option. God has this absolutely crazy love for us, I mean He gave His son to die for us so we could be with Him and be free from the shackles of our sin that otherwise would keep us locked up! I want to have that kind of crazy love for everyone I encounter! I want everyone to see what that love looks like and be able to encounter that love!

During the sermon at church on "Christian Atheism", I was reminded of the Christians worldwide and the things they sacrifice to pursue and encourage others to pursue and I realize how much I take for granted. I saw a recent article about a woman in Sudan who could face death because she owned and was distibuting Bibles! In Somalia, .5% of the population is Christian. People are beheaded for owning Bibles and being believers of God, and not the popular "Allah". In Egypt, Christians are treated as second-class citizens, even being discriminated against when it comes to employment. In Libya, the only way to receive Christian literature is through secret. A non-Libyan Christian man who sought to share the gospel in Libya was beaten and held for 45 days before he was deported. In Morocco, it is illegal to evangelize. Less than .1% of the population is Christian. In Mauritania, ANY ONE that confesses they are a Christian will be put to death. That's right...just simply stating, "I believe in God" would get you killed. These are all statistics just from Northern Africa. It gets even worse in Asia. It makes me rethink my faith and the way I live it out. I believe that I do a good job of sticking to my faith and witnessing, but after reading more in depth about these poor Christians worldwide that are willing to sacrifice absolutely everything for our God, it makes me want to be more like them! This verse is so encouraging when it comes to this topic!

"The apostles left the Sanhedrin, rejoicing because they had been counted worthy of suffering disgrace for the Name." -Acts 5:41

The Bible should be taken literally and be an example to Christians today of how to be a Christian in this crazy messed up modern world. This verse is my new life motto. I want to be overjoyed that I have the honor to face such disgrace from those who find it unappealing or disgraceful...after all, that is the least our God deserves! I want to be a full on Jesus Freak. So, in conclusion, I have a goal for this summer and for the years and years to come--I want to live like I'm giving up everything for God. Not just theoretically or hypothetically, but literally as well. I hope you too can gain insight from some of the things I've said and be reminded of God and His sacrifice, the sacrifice of Christians worldwide, and the sacrifice you too should be able to make for our Heavenly Father!

Have a blessed day :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


More than 10% of Americans can trace their roots back to the Mayflower...AMAZING! I'm watching the history of us on netflix! I forgot how much I love history, especially history I haven't learned about since I was thirteen! About time for a refresher!!! haha!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Donde Esta El Tiempo??

Wow...where is time going? It's already been more than a month since I finished my first year of college! I miss school so much :( Summer is too long! I need to learn something, quick! haha! So far, I'm really liking my job. At first, I had a difficult time getting used to working 40 hours a week! I've never worked so much in my life (well, maybe in school haha!) But now that I've adjusted, I like it. The environment is great! I laugh many times throughout the day with my supervisor Karen, who is like my work mom haha and with all of the counselors! I think it's starting to consume me though, I even have dreams about the phone ringing hahaha! But it's okay! All to help me not be in debt for as long :) lol!

In other news, I went to a dinner for younglife leaders that were in town last night! It was just a few of us but it was great to have fellowship again and be connected through this ministry! Something that was brought up though that has been kind of a tough Our head leader told my two friends next to me they'd be going to camp. Kind of felt like a slap in the face. I had let it go a few months ago when I found out there weren't enough kids for all the leaders to go. But after more kids signed up and I'm still not even a consideration, it just flat out hurts. I've been through so much emotional stuff with younglife this year and I have worked sososo hard to build up relationships and maintain old ones that I feel very deserving of the opportunity to help witness further to these kids, not for my own glory, but for God's! I just...uh I don't know. I'm going to talk to our head leader on Wednesday about it, if not to get to have this opportunity to at least express my sadness and confusion in the decision.

Finally, excitement!!! Minnesota in almost one week! Oh my goodness I am so excited to be home, see family, and introduce Josh to everyone! It will be so great!

That's all for now!

-Kaylee :)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Weekend!

This has already been a great weekend! Last week, I randomly got thinking about the things I love and ended up deciding I wanted to double major (english and youth ministry!) It was never something I considered. But when the phones were quiet at work, I got to thinking about the things that matter most to me and YoungLife was there. It just always fills me up so much and is the best part of my week. So I decided I want to make it part of my career. It will be with a non-traditional concentration, like YoungLife (in the way that we reach out to kids that may have no interest in knowing God or don't know Him at all). I love that about YoungLife! Don't get me wrong, youth groups at church are so great, but I love that we go to high schools and we make relationships with kids that are struggling with DEEP issues like partying, sex, etc. and may not even want to know God! Those are the kids that need Him so badly and I want to focus in on that! So that was a great way to start off my weekend because I plotted out my four-year schedule to make sure I could graduate in four years and I can!!! I feel like it's such a God thing because right when the thought started, a girl walked into our office for an appointment and was a youth ministry major and was telling me all about it and I got chills and my eyes were watering because I feel like it's what God is calling me to! So yay! :) Friday, I got off work early and went to the mall with the intentions of finding a cute, inexpensive dress from Forever21. However, a sign on the outside of PacSun (a store I haven't shopped at in years) caught my attention, so I wandered in. I ended up finding a swimsuit for $25 total! I love a good deal!! haha! Then I hung out with some YoungLife kids and Josh and Kyle! Always love hanging out with them, even if it was while seeing a pretty inappropriate movie (The Hangover 2...don't recommend it lol!) Yesterday (Saturday) I was productive around the apartment! I cleaned (dishes, laundry, room, swept, took out trash, groceries!) It felt good to get a lot done! And then I made dinner for Joshua! Just spaghetti with a good meat sauce and bread! He surprised me with flowers and sour patch kids :) Little things like that just make me appreciate him even more because it reminds me that he still keeps me on my toes, which I love! We watched a movie (The Dilemma, not as funny as it looked! Actually kinda sad haha!) and went in the hot tub! But before that, we stopped at the cookie mill to get the most amazing ice cream cookie sandwiches! Yum! Today is exciting because I get to go to a WEDDING! Woop woop! :) haha Josh's aunt is getting married and although I haven't met her yet, I'm very excited (Come on, it's a wedding!) Tomorrow = No work! Hanging out with Ashley! What a great/relaxing weekend this has been! Missing my family! Can't wait to go home in just two and a half weeks! The weekend I'm there will fly by but I'm just so excited to be with my family! Also missing my sister, who unfortunately is gone for almost another month! :( But I'm so happy that she gets to be exploring new things and learning about things related to her future job! Well, that was my little update! Have a great weekend all!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


For those of you who don't know, that means PRAISE THE LORD! But seriously, praise Him! Haha! Everywhere I look, I see blessing upon blessing. My mom has been able to act as a light to my grandma while she's in the hospital recovering from a hip replacement surgery, showing her God's love! She even asked for my mom's devotional! My sister is having such a great experience in Europe, AND having safe travels! My friend's grandma is recovering from a brain tumor that they just removed! The sun came out today, and I smiled--I felt joy because of His creation! (Which now that I say, I find ironic because He feels the same about us!) How can I not be in love with Him?! He provides and blesses! He is persistent and is jealous for me! He is constantly fighting for my attention and never ever gives up, even when I find things like facebook or wedding blogs to distract me. I just am so joyful! I want to sing so loud of His greatness! I probably sound like a freak...but I'm just so blessed to know Jesus and have Him in my life! Which is kind of why I've been thinking about youth ministry. I want to reach out to those who don't know Jesus, those who feel that there is no hope or purpose. I want God to use me to show them that they have a purpose because of Him! Nothing is more fulfilling to me than witnessing to young people. I just need to pray and leave it up to God to direct me! Just gotta trust in Him! :) Well, time to go enjoy a non-alcoholic mango margarita that my roommate just made! Yum! Oh the simple things haha!

Brand New Blog!

Time for a brand new blog! I wanted to make a fun blog so people I know, or people that want to know, can see what's going on in my life and stay updated! As we all know, life can be hectic...most of the time I can't remember what I did the day before! Thus, a blog is created! Haha! Before I get into the general routine of blogging about my daily activities, here are some general things to know about me/people I might reference a lot!

I have lots of family, mostly because my parents got divorced when I was four. Yeah it sucks, but God is so good! I have so many people in my life that love me and that makes it all worth it :) My mom is remarried to Jim, the most amazing stepdad anyone could ask for! Pshhh not even a step! He's legit lol! My dad got remarried as well, to Ann! She came with Kim and Kevin--my step sibling! Again, not even step haha! So now I have four siblings total: Aaron (brother), Kevin (step-brother), Jamie (sister), and Kim (stepsister). Here are some pictures from the past few months :)

This is a picture of my family from my brother's wedding! 
(Me, Aaron, Mom, Jamie)
 Did I mention that Aaron & Cassie are the best looking couple ;) Both in the air force and I couldn't be more proud :)
New Years Eve Dinner, 2010 with the fam!
(Jamie, Jim, Me, Mom)
(Kim, Jamie, Me)
We're crazy! haha I love them both so much!
(Jamie, Kim, Me)

Oh yeah, did I mention Joshua?! One of the most amazing men of God I know! So blessed to know him and so lucky that I get to call him my boyfriend! :) He encourages me in my walk with the Lord without even trying! He brings so much joy and laughter to my days! He truly has become my best friend! What a blessing he is in my life!

This is Heidi, my fellow Minnesotan at APU ;) One of my best friends! So happy God brought us together! We'll be living together this year! :)

Marissa & I! My freshman roommate and one of the best friends ever! Seriously a blessing! I don't know how I could have gotten through the past year without this amazing lady! Love her sososo much and encouraged by her faith and trust in the Lord! We have grown so much in our friendship! She's a keeper ;) So excited to live with her again this next year!
Roommates for my sophomore year at apu!
(Heidi, Mallory, Marissa, & Me)

Some of my favorite people I met through YoungLife! So blessed to know them and lead with them!

Claire is my oldest friend--we met in first grade! We kind of lost touch freshman year of college but we've been catching up, which I love. I didn't even realize how much I missed my dear friend! I'm so proud of how much she's grown as a person in the last year! Excited to see her when I come home next month! :)

Oh and him? This is Riley (Ri Ri, Beanie, Bean Bun, etc.)
My sunshine. Riley is our little shi tzu. I haven't seen him since Christmas.
Obviously it has been hard hahaha!

I'll keep you posted ;)