Thursday, September 15, 2011

So I'm A Sophomore...

It's true, my second year of college is in action at the end of my second week of being back in school. I forgot how wonderful campus was filled with happy faces and hugs :) I love being at a school where I randomly run into my sister or friends daily. APU is small enough where I feel important, but big enough so I can keep meeting new people. I love my semester already! My favorite class is definitely Intro to Teaching! It is making me so excited to get to my career in just a few short years! I am reminded quite often of how blessed I am to be here--here in this beautiful, God-centered, amazing place! It's all thanks to God! Today, I was reminded in the form of asking my teacher a question about a homework assignment I did and him interrupting me saying, "Ya know, you are a very nice person. I like you." Excuse me, my teacher notices me and values me? Yep! In my English class, we do a five minute devotional every day and reflect on a Bible verse given to us...and it's part of my grade?! Yep! APU is the best thing that's ever happened to me! I know when I graduate, it will be a culture shock in a sense because I will no longer constantly be surrounded by Christians just waiting to lift me up in prayer and thoughts, but this "in-between" period has already been so amazing and I'm SO happy to have another two years here after this one. I have never had so many friends or teachers that genuinely care about me. It makes me emotional just thinking about it! God is SO good to me and I see His blessings in so many ways here!

In other news, I am so excited for YoungLife to start at the new group we have at Sierra High School! A year ago I didn't even know what YoungLife was! Now this will have been my third school that I've done YoungLife at! How crazy is that?! God definitely challenged me this past year in various way, but I know it was so necessary for me to grow! I'm crossing my fingers on the Senior Leader thing but either way, I'm soooo happy to be leading with Jamie and Harrison! I love them both so much and never laugh harder than when I'm with them! I just know God is going to work in these kids' hearts and it's going to be beautiful :) Difficult, but SO worth it!

Also, the studying abroad thing. I'm trying to finish up and get an application in before October 1st to a program I found in London! It's through a Christian organization, which I really wanted! I need to be praying about it because it's definitely something that I go back and forth with in my head! I feel like God keeps bringing it back though for a reason haha! I don't know...we shall see what happens with that!

Anyways, time to go to job #2 of the day!

Thank you Lord for Your provision and love and alllll of Your blessings!


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