Sunday, October 2, 2011

Catch Up!

I forget to blog...I'm only reminded because of Nichole Moor, aka my blog obsessed friend! haha! So here's whats been happening.

Me best friend/roommate got baptized two weeks ago! I was so proud of her for "taking the plunge!" :) It made me emotional, but for good reasons! Haha lovelovelove her!

I got to go to a younglife retreat last weekend for all the leaders of the LA area (there were probably 150 college-aged people there, ready to learn more about being an awesome younglife leader! It got me so pumped to start up our new younglife at Sierra High School! Of course, it wasn't all learning! We had a tacky prom Saturday night ;)

Claremont/Sierra leaders :)
Amanda and Laura, love them so much!

It was super pretty there!

Oh, and I did get to go to yacht club for about thirty minutes before we left for the retreat ;) I only took a few pictures but here is my fave with Heidi!

In the past week, I got assigned my D-group and I am so excited to meet the six girls in it and grow together! I have been looking forward to this since January!! I also inherited a severe cold in the past few days haha! It's probably the worst cold I've ever had...ironically none were ever this bad in Minnesota! haha! I also cannot wait to start younglife. Jamie and I talked and she wants me to be a senior leader! I was sooo excited when she told me! I love younglife and am such a planner so I felt like it was right, but wanted to be respectful of her desires as well. So now I'm just pumped to start! All of the other areas have started club and it makes me SO antsy, but I also have to realize we are BRAND new and club might not even start club until next semester. We will be starting tutoring in the coming weeks though, and that's how we'll recruit kids so that makes me excited. Other news...there's an amazing surprise. But I'm not saying it in case the person it involves by some chance is reading this. But it's happening Thursday and I CANNOT wait! It's all I'm thinking about! :D

Well, it's probably time to get more sleep (if that's even possible)!


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