Wednesday, October 12, 2011


God never fails to humble me. 

When I'm having judgmental thoughts, He turns it around by showing me something about that person to help me see them differently. When I'm irritated with someone, He shows me their heart and helps me to reach out to them.

Well, today I was humbled in a different way. I've been having lots of mixed feelings about being here and missing home more than I ever have after having been there last weekend. Today, I got a text from a close friend who said she loves me and and wanted to know what she could pray about for me...I'm teary eyed thinking about what a blessing she is and all of the other people I'm blessed to call friends from APU/younglife! I know God put me on her heart and mind because He knew/knows exactly what I need!!!

Although this isn't the "ideal" living situation and the ideal family situation (I MISS MY MOM EVERY DAY!), it is days like this when a simple text message reminds me how lucky I am to be here and know such people. Thank you Jesus for the simple yet beautiful reminders! :)

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