Saturday, January 7, 2012

Date Night, Best Friend Talks, & Vampire Diaries

I've only been back for three days and I already feel like I never left! So crazy how time works!

Anyways, I often talk about the importance of the "little things" that just make life so much better. One of these things I enjoy is date night! Josh and I are both very chill people, meaning we would rather stay in on a Friday night, cook a nice dinner, and watch a movie. But last night, we mixed it up a bit...we went to Chili's--one of my favorites! Lets be real, who doesn't love the chips and salsa here?!

After dinner, we came back and watched Midnight in Paris. I was skeptical because it didn't seem like my typical movie, but I trusted Rachel McAdams (one of my favorite actresses who happens to be in the movie)!

It was a great movie! I definitely recommend it! Being the English nerd that I am, I loved Owen Wilson's character's interactions with different literary geniuses like Hemingway and Fitzgerald! It was definitely for those that appreciate literature/art a little more than the average person...some of the people his character meets I had no idea who they were so I ended up looking them up on wikipedia haha! But if you're at all interested in this story of an author trying to find inspiration in Paris (it was actually filmed there so there's beautiful scenery!), rent it from redbox! :)

Another little thing that has made my past two days so much better is that Heidi got home! If you don't know, Heidi is one of my dearest friends and happens to be the girl I share a room with!

We tend to have lotsss of deep talks and she is so real with me! She reminds me a lot of my sister (they have a ton in common!) so I think that's why we clicked right away! She's from Minnesota too and I got to see her twice when we both were home! But I was so happy when she came back yesterday! We've already had more of our classic best friend talks (often including talks about God, boyfriends, family, friends, hard stuff, and good stuff). So happy to be reunited! :)

A final "little thing" that you all should know about...I'm all caught up on Vampire Diaries!!! I hate how dumb that sounds haha! But Jamie, my sister, got me hooked on it two weeks ago so I watched seasons 1 and 2 on netflix (if you have netflix, go watch it right now!) and just finished the first 10 episodes of season 3 so that means I now have to suffer and wait for a week to pass to indulge in one of the greatest shows ever! haha!

That's a good looking cast! Ha! What I love about it is that it makes Twilight look dumb...which it is! Vampire things sound really weird and I honestly wouldn't have imagined me ever liking a show like this, but it has everything good wrapped up into this amazing show! NOT at all cheesy or predictable like Twilight! So check it out sometime!

I hope you all have a great Saturday night! Enjoy a relaxing weekend :)


p.s. Be looking in the "Recipe of the Week" tab in the next day or so...I'll be making my first recipe tonight! Pictures and more to come :)


  1. hooray! thanks for the follow (: happy monday!

  2. ahhh the vampire diaries is the absolute best! but important question: damon or stefan?

    love you kaylee!

  3. Haha it's SO amazing Christina! Oh gosh I've been back and forth but I have to say Damon! lol what about you?!