Sunday, January 22, 2012

First Weigh-In!

Today was my first official weigh-in day for weightwatchers. I set it up so I'd weigh in every Sunday because I felt like that was the best day for me! Because I had started the program on a Thursday, I didn't weigh in that first Sunday. I've been excited all week to weigh in because I've felt the difference with my clothes (it's not often that women are excited to get on a scale hahaha) but my excitement wasn't for nothing....

I've lost 7.2 pounds!!!

AND I'm bloated because of my period so it may even be more but I am SO happy with my progress so far. 7.2 pounds is equal to 29 sticks of butter. I'm smiling imagining those 29 sticks of butter dropping off of me! :) This has been such a great start to a total lifestyle change and I can't wait to reach my goal in the end so I can ultimately have a healthy BMI and not have to worry about getting diabetes later on in my life (which is genetic in my family and something I've always been concerned about).

I've also been considering running a half marathon--the OC half on May 6th! It's the day after my sister's graduation from APU so my whole family would be there to cheer me on :) I looked at a 12 week training schedule for it and it looks VERY do-able to me! I'll keep you posted on if this becomes a reality because I am in no way an avid runner, but would definitely love to have this activity goal for myself along with my weight goal! 

Well, it's homework time for this girl! School = my main job haha! Thanks so much for reading! Have a lovely Sunday!




  1. kaylee, you are so cute! and ahhh congratulations on losing that much weight in just a week and a half. the butter analogy had me laughing so hard. you're so great <3

  2. New follower here :)

    That is so awesome girl!! Good for you! I was thinking about joining Weight Watchers! I did it once for like two weeks and failed.. miserably (which is crazy, how can you fail weight watchers?! lol)

    Good luck!! Looks like you are off to a great start!

  3. Thanks Christina :) haha glad you liked the butter analogy ;)

    Thanks for following Nikki! And for congratulating me :D haha! Aww! ha well same here girl! It definitely was a different mindset for me this time though so I think that's why it's workin better for me than it has in the past! Thanks so much! :)