Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Year, New Me!

I am officially signed up for weight watchers!

No, it's not because of a "new year's resolution" or for the desire to look a certain way. I'm doing this to get fit and feel completely confident with myself!

I'm so excited to get healthier and to feel good! For a while, I've noticed a gradual weight increase (probably starting the summer of 2010 and on). However, I had been the same weight from about middle school until the end of high school! So I began to justify this weight gain by saying things like, "You've been the same weight for years! It's time you grew!" and "Oh, it's just what happens in college! Other people are way worse!"

I've been wrong. Haha I've been in denial for a longggg time but enough is enough! I've been eating so well this past week and have worked out twice for a total of about 2 hours! This is amazing! Haha! My motivation is unlike any other I've ever had! I'm so excited to get fit and on the right track for a healthier life! Diabetes is something I've been worried about because my dad developed type 2 (the kind you get from being unhealthy) when he was in his 30's even though he had been pretty healthy prior to this. His sister died from complications with type 1 diabetes. Diabetes is something else that has motivated me to get fit! I want to be healthy and around for as long as possible :)

I'm sure that in addition to my new younglife group, my journey to getting healthier and fit will be a common topic on my blog! 

Have any healthy recipes or tips to share? Let me know what works for you! :)

Until next time,


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