Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Weekend Catch-Up!

This past weekend was packed with fun things!

On Friday, I left for a YoungLife leader bonding trip to Palm Springs! We combined our group (Sierra High School) with another group (Claremont High School) because together we only had 11 leaders there! We stayed at one of the girl's grandparent's vacation home! Let me tell you...it was the most beautiful house I've ever seen! Here is a picture of the backyard, where I was most of the time!

We had such a fun weekend getting to know each other better and brainstorming great ideas for our teams for the semester! We have our first club ever for Sierra on Friday, February 3rd (almost 2 weeks from now!) We are crazy excited and continue to tutor twice a week in the meantime! :)

Another great thing from the weekend was celebrating a whole year with Josh! :) He planned out a fun day filled with surprises for me :) First, we went to breakfast at Flappy's (my favorite)! Then, we went to a cute little downtown area and he had me pick out anything I wanted! I got a super cute necklace from a handmade store with matching earrings (I'll wear it soon and post a photo)! Then, we drove up to Mt. Baldy! We had planned on watching the sunset and dancing (we like to dance!) but it was too cloudy for the sunset/too cold to dance haha! So we took some pictures and headed out! Here are my favorites :)

The view was gorgeous!

We don't do PDA haha (besides hand holding and maybe a peck every now and then, but I just love this picture because of the background and because it makes me smile!)

Happy :)


hehe :)

After we drove down, we went to his work (because it would be warm in there haha) and tried to watch this beginners salsa dancing video...it was still hard! But we had fun trying to act like we knew what we were doing haha! Then we went to a cute little Italian restaurant that had great food and a great atmosphere! Overall, it was a super fun and great way to celebrate one whole year of lots of smiles, laughs, tears, great conversations, hard conversations, love, God, etc. So blessed to have Joshua and for our wonderful relationship!

Martin Luther King Jr. day was great too...NO SCHOOL! haha! Nichole and I decided to hike to the cross (Garcia Trail) right by school! We got about 5 minutes up and her altitude sickness/anemia/whatever other problems she has (hahaha just kidding!) kicked in :( She told me to keep going...she ended up throwing up soon after I went on :/ Poor girl!! But then she felt better :) ha! I made it to the top in about 40 minutes! I was panting (it's a VERY steep hike the whole way) but I felt SO happy when I got to the top!

There's a cross at the top that overlooks the city! I felt God and it was so cool! I talked to Him a lot of the way up and down, thanking Him for a fully functioning body that can do such a thing like a strenuous hike and for His beautiful creation that we get to enjoy! I'm so thankful for all of it! Especially since starting my lifestyle change, I've realized more that my body is a temple and I need to treat it right--meaning giving it what it needs (through healthy food and exercise)! It felt so good to have that talk with Him :)

After I got down the trail, Nichole and I headed to the grocery store and got some things to make a nice healthy dinner! I made us a strawberry and spinach salad with red onion, feta cheese, and fat free raspberry vinagrette dressing (so easy, healthy, and yummy!!!) Nichole made a recipe from one of my new cookbooks! It was a chicken with brown rice and veggies recipe that was delicious! We had a great day! :)

This weekend made me feel so blessed to have so many people in my life that I can have meaningful conversations with about God! Just another reminder of God's abundance! Couldn't be happier! :) Hope everyone else had a great weekend as well!



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