Tuesday, January 17, 2012

When You Have Jesus...

When you have Jesus in Your life, there is something different about you. Something that others might not be able to pinpoint or put into words, but something that you know sets you a part. Jesus changes everything. The more I do ministry, the more I see this to be true.

Today we had another hour of tutoring. Younglife is the best part of my week/month/year/etc. I'm not over-exaggerating. I cannot say enough good things about it! The relational part of the ministry is SO effective! Example! Tutoring was great today! I met some new kids that seemed excited about the idea of our younglife club that will be starting in 17 days! As we were leaving, I saw a girl I've seen every time I've been there, her name is Ely (Elysia). I went over to offer her and her friend cookies (gotta come with a bribe haha)! And she said to me, "You're always so happy." It wasn't a question, or even really a statement. It was more of a confused thought. It really moved me. I mean yes, I won't lie, I like to be known as someone who is generally upbeat. But this girl that I've only known for a week and only spent about 60 minutes with can recognize this joy in me. Now I don't know what she thinks of it--maybe she thinks I'm crazy, maybe she thinks I'm a psycho or a druggie! Haha! Whatever the case, she sees something in me that makes me different. And it's not that I'm happy, I'm joyful! The difference to me is that joyful is a permanent thing that I have because I choose to follow Christ! He gives us JOY that isn't fleeting! Does that mean that I can't get sad or lonely? Of course not! I'm a human being with emotions and feelings! But I can ALWAYS look to God to fill me up with His joy that He freely gives!

The thing that moved me the most about this encounter, was that I had this almost prophetic movement. As she said it and looked at me, I knew that Jesus was showing me she was a girl I will get close to and that she will also find the joy in Him that I have found. I get emotional as I type because I'm so amazed by God! He's just so awesome and I'm so excited about younglife at this school! These kids are so hungry for love and for real relationships! God is going to do HUGE things here and I can hardly stand to wait because I'm so excited!!!

To close, I want to share something from Mark 5. Today at our senior leader meeting, we talked about Mark 5:1-20. I suggest you read it and interpret it however you like! But something I took away from it was this: Without God, we can't do ministry. But with God, we can do ALL sorts of things! We must remember that man alone can't accomplish any kind of effective ministry. God is the healer, lover, giver, etc. Everything we pour out comes from Him! We cant give without receiving :)

I hope this week, you all can find some way to pour out God's love to others!



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