Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Younglife is always the best part of my week. I find that when I serve others, I feel more filled than when doing anything else! God calls us to serve and to make disciples! I feel God moving in me when I'm doing the work He calls me to do--such as when I'm at younglife!

For those of you who don't know, younglife is a ministry in which leaders (college-aged and older) invest in the lives of high schoolers who don't necessarily know God (here is some more info if you're interested)! I seriously think younglife is one of the greatest ministry programs out there because it approaches teenagers in a fun and loving way, without trying to shove religion on them. Younglife gets a lot of ridicule from people who say things like, "You're not really doing anything", "You're not really telling them about Jesus", "They don't care", etc. If these people became a leader and got to experience a teenager come to God because God chose you to be their friend and witness to them, I believe 100% that such ridicule would disappear! The way many of these kids get to know God is because of the time they spend with a leader...because when you encounter God, you're never the same again! He becomes so active and present in your life, that the rest of the world can't help but notice you're different! It is a VERY time-intensive ministry, but it has been so rewarding!

Anyways, a few friends and I started a new younglife group at a continuation school, a school where kids are typically a little more troubled and wouldn't graduate on time in a "regular" school. We are tutoring there twice a week, and will start younglife "club" there in just a few short weeks!! Club is the most inviting part of younglife! All kids that want to come will join us for about an hour in which us leaders put on skits, games, activities, music, and a short talk about Jesus (without trying to shove it on them)! We tell a story about Jesus and relate it to a story from our personal life!

We make ourselves so vulnerable by doing the most ridiculous things in front of these kids that are probably thinking we're crazy, but that's how they let us in!
We dress up as indians and pilgrims on Thanksgiving!

We dress up as old people to make them laugh!
We put on "Tacky Proms" and go to Goodwill to find the ugliest things we could possibly ever wear!

We do all of this for Jesus! Relationships form, they go deeper, and the kids want to know why you're different, why you care! And the answer every time is Jesus!

Watch this video of one of the leaders baptizing a student who came to accept God through younglife (it gets louder after a few seconds)! Such a great example of the amazing ministry that younglife is!

I'm so excited about this new younglife at Sierra High School and will be blogging about it frequently! Please be praying for the kids' hearts to be softened and that they would be open to the Lord, and that us leaders would put God first and speak His words! Thanks so much! Have a great evening!




  1. You go Kaylee. I am so proud of you and all God is doing through you. These kids are so lucky. God is using you to show these kids that there are people that believe in them and a God that has a purpose for them.
    Love you

  2. Yay for Young Life!!!!! :)

    I am surrounded by a Young Life Community and I love it!

  3. Thanks Nicholey!! Love you so much! :)

    Awww I love it Erin! So happy you get to be surrounded in that community! :)