Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Does anyone else ever feel uncertain like I do?

I'm having another mid-college crisis. As silly as it sounds, I mean it! Haha
I am pretty sure positive I am the most indecisive girl in the entire world. 
Today I felt a wave of anxious thoughts hit me hard. I'm starting to guess myself again
I can't explain fully right now because I don't want to say anything without knowing for certain what I decide, but there may be some biggg changes coming in my life soon. 
Do I know what the future holds? Nope. Does that scare me quite often? Youuu betcha (in my barely-hanging-on Minnesota accent haha)! 
But I have hope as my stronghold, hope from the Lord! 

I have a sign hanging above my couch as I type this that reads, 
"Fear not tomorrow, God is already there." 

This should be tattooed on me somewhere (even though I don't ever plan on getting a tattoo haha) because my freakish planning tendencies often forget this vital message. 
God's already got my future and my life in His hands. I have no need to be fearful. 
As much as I don't like the waves when I'm standing in the water, I am able to see God at work when I face the storms and trust in Him and Him alone.

I hope you're all having a great week so far...we're almost half-way! Woo! :)



Sunday, February 26, 2012

Relaxing Weekends Are the Best!

I hope you all have had a lovely weekend! My weekend was great and full of fun, hiking, and great food! On Friday night, I just relaxed at home. I don't know about all of you, but once Friday comes around, I am completely drained! Haha so Josh and I just did nothing (literally sat on the couch and talked) and he left around 9:30pm because I was more than ready to crawl into bed! On Saturday morning, my sister Jamie and I decided to hike up Garcia Trail in Azusa.
This is not our best photo ever because of the sun/sweat haha!

It is an INTENSE hike! Switchback, uphill, for a solid 30-45 minutes (that's about how long it takes to get up there). It is a greattt workout! Evidence of that is my sore butt, legs, and thighs today! Haha!

Once you get to the top though, you understand why it is so popular amongst Azusans and APU students alike :) There is a white cross at the top that looks out across the city...it is beautiful. I took this photo as we were getting ready to go back down! I thought it looked like Ireland :) Haha!

After our hike, we headed to Trader Joe's to get some healthy groceries! I got so much food for $50! Love it! Because of my grocery shopping trip, I decided to make my absolute favorite salad for lunch!

This is a spinach salad with grilled chicken, strawberries, red onion, feta cheese, and a fat free raspberry vinagrette! It is fantastic! And on a weightwatchers scale, it's only about 5 or 6 points! Make it for anyone and they will love you forever!

Later on, Josh picked me up to go to our usual Saturday night church service at 6:15. I took this picture as the sun was setting and wanted to share the beauty of Southern California in February with those who may not know what that looks like (even though I do miss my snowy winter, I thought this was pretty!)

After church, Heidi, Nichole, Elizabeth, and I had a little pot-luck girls night. I was planning on making my delicious guacamole but my avocados weren't ripe enough :( Note to self--feel the fruit/vegetables before buying them at the store haha! But then I had a great idea--BRUSCHETTA! So, I decided to be bold and try making one of my favorite appetizers that I had never made before! And guess what?! It turned out great! I was really proud!

It's hard to tell from the picture, but it's on whole wheat sourdough bread! I also didn't use vinegar like the recipe called for because honestly, I'm a college student and don't have all of that fancy stuff haha! But it still turned out great! If you want a quick and super easy recipe for something anyone will enjoy, look at it here!

I'm continuing to love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen! Every time I cook, I feel like I'm using it as in artistic outlet (because I have no artistic abilities with actual art so cooking makes me feel special haha). My favorite though is cooking for Josh! He loves my cooking and it makes me feel good to cook for my man ;) hehe

Lastly, I must tell you about slutty brownies. Now, the name sounds crazy and slightly inappropriate. But Elizabeth came across this recipe on pinterest and decided to go for it. 

You can't see too much from my picture, but they were amazing! It's a layer of cookie dough, followed by a layer of oreos, and topped off with a layer of brownie mix. Holy cow. If you are a chocolate fan, please try this! You may clog a portion of your arteries, but wow they were amazing! Click here for the recipe!

That has been my weekend! Relaxing, yummy, and fun! :) Hope you have all had a great weekend so far too! I'm making a chicken curry tonight so I will post that later to share how it turns out! 



Wednesday, February 22, 2012


So I'm going to partake in a little old-school style blog thing! I was tagged (which, in case you didn't know, means I must take part in haha!) by Nichole! She is one of my closest friends and one amazing blogger! Check her blog out here!

1. Link back to the blogger who nominated you. (Nichole :) )
2. Share 7 facts about yourself.
3. Share 7 blog posts that fit into 7 categories.

7 Facts about myself:

1. I love Jesus more than anything and am so abundantly blessed every single day! I take my blessings and so many other things for granted but I'm working on humbling my heart to be thankful each and every day!

2. I'm a little bit obsessed with my dog...haha! He's a shi-tzu and his name is Riley. We talk to him in a baby voice and carry him around in a fake chanel bag. I think he's my son sometimes. Haha my family is crazy!

3. My mom & I are sooooo close! She is my biggest role model and biggest encourager! I literally call her at least once a day! Sometimes, I'll have called her three times in a day! Recently I laughed so hard on the phone with her saying, "Oh my gosh! I'm 20 and I'm bugging my mom with so many calls! Something is not right here!" haha (but she loves that I call)! She is so wise and has taught me so much already in these first two decades of my life! I love her so much!
This was in October 2011 when I surprised her in Minnesota! I was so homesick and missed her so much that I booked a flight and kept it a secret and showed up at her work...I think I was more emotional than she was haha!

Over Christmas break, doing some shopping :)

4. I am OCD about making my bed before I get in it. This is probably my weirdest thing. I don't have to make it right when I get up. But for some strange reason, I don't feel right getting into my bed at night unless it's made. I'm weird, I know haha!

5. I used to love the Saw movies. This must've been a very dark time for me hahaha Josh remembered that I had liked them and we recently saw that the new one was on netflix so he said, "Hey! Lets watch it because you like them so much!" FAIL! Haha! We both were gagging the whole time! So this is definitely a PAST tense strange obsession!

6. I have the most amazing, caring, silly, loving, HOT, God-loving, do-anything-for-anyone, encouraging, compassionate, did I mention HOT?! boyfriend ever! Hahaha! Josh is my best friend and I am so blessed to have him in my life to push me to be the best me--spiritually, academically, socially, you name it. I am truly a better person because of this best person in the whole world :)

7. I am more excited to be a wife/mom than anyone else I know! This may sound old school, but I have always felt the calling to be an exceptional mom that puts her family first. I'm not saying that having a job or other things makes a woman a bad wife/mother by any means! I just know that this has always been something I've felt on my heart and called to do with all my being! I have so much love and compassion for children and serving others! I can't wait for the day when I get to live out this calling.

7 Posts:

Okay so I enjoy doing these...haha! Let me know if you think I'm weird or what your weird/interesting facts might be :)



Tuesday, February 21, 2012


So I'm going to be a better blogger for now on because a weekly update isn't enough for me...I like blogging too much to do this once a week haha! But here's what's been happening in recent news:

(Me & Heidi)

I had been having roommate issues since I moved in in September but tried to stick through it. We finally decided the stress and anxiety it gave us was not healthy so we made the leap! Heidi and I are officially living in Bowles, right next door to some of our best friends!

Me & Nichole! Now only a step away haha! I need a picture with Elizabeth :/

2. I've lost 12.5 pounds with weight watchers!

I still have "a ways" to go to reach my healthy BMI for my height and what not, but I'm so happy with the results so far that I'm not even focusing on my end goal. Every week is a new goal, not for weight loss, but for me to feel even better about myself! I'm so happy because I feel healthy and good! My body is happy with me :) Haha! I seriously recommend weight watchers to everyone! It's NOT a diet, but rather a lifestyle change. If you want to make sure you can get your body what it needs while still being able to enjoy yourself, getting rewarded for exercise, and not having to feel guilty if you slip up every now and then (it happens haha), then I seriously am telling you to try it out! Whether it's five pounds you want to lose or fifty! Weight watchers is so doable and the weight will stay off because like I said, it is NOT a diet! It's changing your life! I should be a spokesperson ;)

3. I've been slacking on running...but I'm getting back to it haha

I'm about to go for a run...we'll see how it goes. Haha it's been a week since my last run (which is funny because two months ago I couldn't have told you the last time I ran!) but since I'm trying to train for a half marathon, it's important to stick to the training schedule. The move and stress of last week kept me from it, but no more excuses! I'm still going to keep training, but am not registering for the half until halfway through March to make sure my body can handle it!

4. I'm learning how to cope with having a boyfriend in grad school!

It's already hard and it's only week three! I'm so used to seeing him all the time but of course he has long days with lots of studying needed after class as well so our time has shrunk. However, it's a good learning experience for both of us and I know it'll fly by. I'm so happy for this opportunity Josh has! He loves it and I know he will be the best physical therapist ever! :)

5. My mom and Jim come to visit  in almost two weeks! 

They will be here for about 10 days and I am SO excited to spend time with them! I am so close with my family so seeing them only about two times a year is incredibly hard on me. We will have such an amazing time filled with laughter, fun, and of course our favorite...good food! Haha!

6. Lastly, I get to blog for the wedding coordinator I work with once a week! She is so busy, she has asked me to blog about anything wedding related once a week to keep her blog going! I am SO excited because I already have 2340845 ideas! Okay, not literally hahaha! But quite a few things in my head! I will post a link when I do my first one :)

That's it for me! Hope you're all having a lovely Tuesday!



Life Is Precious

It can be so easy to take life for granted. So often I feel invincible, like nothing could ever happen to me. Last night, I was reminded again of the fragility of human life. A girl that was a year younger than me from my high school and three of her roommates from other twin cities suburbs died in a car accident on their way back to school yesterday. They were all beautiful girls with huge futures before them--they had hopes and dreams. They will never get to graduate college, be in the "real world", get married, have families, or experience the beauty of growing old. My heart is breaking for their close friends and families. My community back home (Minnetonka, MN) has had so much hurt after hurt. I can't recall a year where a young person in our community hasn't died. It is so tragic and my heart is grieving for another loss. It is so easy to take for granted each day we are given--but we must be reminded that each day is a gift. We are not guaranteed tomorrow and we are not invincible. I ask that you lift up a prayer for these girls and those who loved them today, and be reminded of how truly precious life is. Live today with no regrets, live today like it may be your last day. Here is the article/video if you would like to get more information or see the faces you are praying for.



Monday, February 13, 2012

I'm A Bad Blogger...

It's been forever! Haha okay so like a week but still! I want to be more consistent because I actually like to blog! So what's new with me?

1. I am officially an intern as a wedding coordinator with Mad Love Events (click HERE to check it out!)
I'm really happy with Cindy, the owner, because she's so nice and chill! My hours will come from the days of the events and from me spending time on pinterest/wedding blogs "researching" ;) haha! First wedding is March 3rd and it will be a small very low-key wedding so it'll be a good starter event!

2. I saw The Vow...please don't see it. Haha! I know girls that liked it, and I still love Rachel McAdams! But it was just the most depressing movie! I was crying the whole time and couldn't wait for it to end! I was expecting it to be a happy ending but it ended similar to how Dear John ended...it was so frustrating to me but it was super fun to go with some girlfriends at midnight!

3. I also saw Safe House (don't judge, I hadn't been to the movies in a while haha) and it was AWESOME! I mean, how can you go wrong with Denzel and Ryan Reynolds? Haha it was so action-packed and intense! Loved every minute of it!

4. Running is still going great, feels so good! I've been running 4 miles three times a week and cross training one day a week and I feel GREAT! I am in awe when I run about how cool bodies are--no really! I know it sounds cheesy, but God is so good! I feel so privileged to be able to run and move my body to get those endorphins! haha! This Saturday, according to my training plan, I'll be running 5 miles! Wish me luck!! haha!

5. I have been on weightwatchers for one month and have lost a total of 10.5 pounds! I still have a ways to go to reach my goal but I feel so fit and I love how all my clothes feel loose! It is so encouraging! It doesn't hurt when people tell you you're lookin good either ;) hehe

That's all that's been happening with me! Nothing special planned for valentine's day, just making my man dinner and dessert :) Does anyone have any fun or special plans for v day tomorrow? Share!



Saturday, February 4, 2012

Catching Up!

So I've been slacking on blogging recently but a lot has happened so I'll summarize it in this post :)

1. We had our first younglife event at Sierra High School yesterday (Friday the 3rd)! It was so great! It wasn't the club we planned on, but that's okay! I had been praying that day that God would make what HE wanted to happen happen, and not what I had planned on happening (being the planner I am, this is hard to let go of haha!) But we had 6 kids come (3 girls we had never met, and 3 guys we knew!) We had a BBQ, played games, and overall just had a fun time! It will be a lot bigger turnout next week because the school's schedule will go back to normal :) I felt so good about how it went and felt like it gave us an opportunity to get to know the six teenagers better than if it would've been 26! We look forward to this coming Friday when we'll put on a regular club! :)

2. I'm for sure graduating a semester early!!! December 2013 baby! I had been thinking about it and calculating some things, and found that I will be doing this! It's crazy to think that after this semester, I only have THREE more left until I'm in the real world! AH! Haha!

3. I'm getting an internship with a wedding coordinator! We're meeting at Starbucks on Thursday but she already offered me the internship and I'm so excited! My first wedding will be in April! :D This is perfect because honestly, I can't handle starting one right now with all I've got going on haha but by April, I'll have a lot less to be stressed about/will be getting the car within a few weeks. As usual, God's timing is perfect :)

Lastly, and most importantly...


I could not be more ecstatic...hence my face above hahaha! I was waiting to see on how my body was feeling after this first week of training for it and was still skeptical because of the pain I've had in my ankles for more than a year when running. Today, I decided to go to the running store in La Verne and bought the most amazing new shoes!

I found out my shoes were two years old and this could have been why I've had so much ankle pain/blister problems! I tried these on and it was a perfect match :) Did I spend a ton of money on them? Yes! Haha but they were SO worth it! I couldn't wait to run in them so when I got home, I put them on and headed out on my run! It was supposed to be a three mile run today (according to my training schedule) and I prayed and pleaded with God that He would heal my ankles and told Him how much I wanted to do this half marathon and that I knew I could help my body to do it, I just needed His healing! I fully believed He could heal me...and HE DID! I ran for 40 minutes non-stop with NO ankle pain at all! It turned out to be a 4 mile run (which is almost 1/3 of the half marathon!), and I could've kept going!

After I got home, I couldn't stop crying because I was just so in awe of God! Prayer DOES make a difference, however big or small the prayer may be! Some could say my ankles stopped hurting because of my new shoes...my shoes do feel awesome, but I know it was God :) It was the closure I needed to finalize my decision for running the half marathon! I am soooo excited! It's May 6th so I have a good amount of time to train! I have never been an avid runner, but now I'm falling in love with it and I am so happy for this gift God has given me! :D

Now off to church and dinner with the boyfriend! Hope you're all having a lovely weekend so far! :)