Saturday, February 4, 2012

Catching Up!

So I've been slacking on blogging recently but a lot has happened so I'll summarize it in this post :)

1. We had our first younglife event at Sierra High School yesterday (Friday the 3rd)! It was so great! It wasn't the club we planned on, but that's okay! I had been praying that day that God would make what HE wanted to happen happen, and not what I had planned on happening (being the planner I am, this is hard to let go of haha!) But we had 6 kids come (3 girls we had never met, and 3 guys we knew!) We had a BBQ, played games, and overall just had a fun time! It will be a lot bigger turnout next week because the school's schedule will go back to normal :) I felt so good about how it went and felt like it gave us an opportunity to get to know the six teenagers better than if it would've been 26! We look forward to this coming Friday when we'll put on a regular club! :)

2. I'm for sure graduating a semester early!!! December 2013 baby! I had been thinking about it and calculating some things, and found that I will be doing this! It's crazy to think that after this semester, I only have THREE more left until I'm in the real world! AH! Haha!

3. I'm getting an internship with a wedding coordinator! We're meeting at Starbucks on Thursday but she already offered me the internship and I'm so excited! My first wedding will be in April! :D This is perfect because honestly, I can't handle starting one right now with all I've got going on haha but by April, I'll have a lot less to be stressed about/will be getting the car within a few weeks. As usual, God's timing is perfect :)

Lastly, and most importantly...


I could not be more ecstatic...hence my face above hahaha! I was waiting to see on how my body was feeling after this first week of training for it and was still skeptical because of the pain I've had in my ankles for more than a year when running. Today, I decided to go to the running store in La Verne and bought the most amazing new shoes!

I found out my shoes were two years old and this could have been why I've had so much ankle pain/blister problems! I tried these on and it was a perfect match :) Did I spend a ton of money on them? Yes! Haha but they were SO worth it! I couldn't wait to run in them so when I got home, I put them on and headed out on my run! It was supposed to be a three mile run today (according to my training schedule) and I prayed and pleaded with God that He would heal my ankles and told Him how much I wanted to do this half marathon and that I knew I could help my body to do it, I just needed His healing! I fully believed He could heal me...and HE DID! I ran for 40 minutes non-stop with NO ankle pain at all! It turned out to be a 4 mile run (which is almost 1/3 of the half marathon!), and I could've kept going!

After I got home, I couldn't stop crying because I was just so in awe of God! Prayer DOES make a difference, however big or small the prayer may be! Some could say my ankles stopped hurting because of my new shoes do feel awesome, but I know it was God :) It was the closure I needed to finalize my decision for running the half marathon! I am soooo excited! It's May 6th so I have a good amount of time to train! I have never been an avid runner, but now I'm falling in love with it and I am so happy for this gift God has given me! :D

Now off to church and dinner with the boyfriend! Hope you're all having a lovely weekend so far! :)



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