Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Does anyone else ever feel uncertain like I do?

I'm having another mid-college crisis. As silly as it sounds, I mean it! Haha
I am pretty sure positive I am the most indecisive girl in the entire world. 
Today I felt a wave of anxious thoughts hit me hard. I'm starting to guess myself again
I can't explain fully right now because I don't want to say anything without knowing for certain what I decide, but there may be some biggg changes coming in my life soon. 
Do I know what the future holds? Nope. Does that scare me quite often? Youuu betcha (in my barely-hanging-on Minnesota accent haha)! 
But I have hope as my stronghold, hope from the Lord! 

I have a sign hanging above my couch as I type this that reads, 
"Fear not tomorrow, God is already there." 

This should be tattooed on me somewhere (even though I don't ever plan on getting a tattoo haha) because my freakish planning tendencies often forget this vital message. 
God's already got my future and my life in His hands. I have no need to be fearful. 
As much as I don't like the waves when I'm standing in the water, I am able to see God at work when I face the storms and trust in Him and Him alone.

I hope you're all having a great week so far...we're almost half-way! Woo! :)




  1. I know how you feel! But you are definitely right: God IS already there and He is going to lead you exactly where you need to go :)

    1. Thank you so much! You are so encouraging and I have had soooo much progress and relief already :)