Tuesday, February 21, 2012


So I'm going to be a better blogger for now on because a weekly update isn't enough for me...I like blogging too much to do this once a week haha! But here's what's been happening in recent news:

(Me & Heidi)

I had been having roommate issues since I moved in in September but tried to stick through it. We finally decided the stress and anxiety it gave us was not healthy so we made the leap! Heidi and I are officially living in Bowles, right next door to some of our best friends!

Me & Nichole! Now only a step away haha! I need a picture with Elizabeth :/

2. I've lost 12.5 pounds with weight watchers!

I still have "a ways" to go to reach my healthy BMI for my height and what not, but I'm so happy with the results so far that I'm not even focusing on my end goal. Every week is a new goal, not for weight loss, but for me to feel even better about myself! I'm so happy because I feel healthy and good! My body is happy with me :) Haha! I seriously recommend weight watchers to everyone! It's NOT a diet, but rather a lifestyle change. If you want to make sure you can get your body what it needs while still being able to enjoy yourself, getting rewarded for exercise, and not having to feel guilty if you slip up every now and then (it happens haha), then I seriously am telling you to try it out! Whether it's five pounds you want to lose or fifty! Weight watchers is so doable and the weight will stay off because like I said, it is NOT a diet! It's changing your life! I should be a spokesperson ;)

3. I've been slacking on running...but I'm getting back to it haha

I'm about to go for a run...we'll see how it goes. Haha it's been a week since my last run (which is funny because two months ago I couldn't have told you the last time I ran!) but since I'm trying to train for a half marathon, it's important to stick to the training schedule. The move and stress of last week kept me from it, but no more excuses! I'm still going to keep training, but am not registering for the half until halfway through March to make sure my body can handle it!

4. I'm learning how to cope with having a boyfriend in grad school!

It's already hard and it's only week three! I'm so used to seeing him all the time but of course he has long days with lots of studying needed after class as well so our time has shrunk. However, it's a good learning experience for both of us and I know it'll fly by. I'm so happy for this opportunity Josh has! He loves it and I know he will be the best physical therapist ever! :)

5. My mom and Jim come to visit  in almost two weeks! 

They will be here for about 10 days and I am SO excited to spend time with them! I am so close with my family so seeing them only about two times a year is incredibly hard on me. We will have such an amazing time filled with laughter, fun, and of course our favorite...good food! Haha!

6. Lastly, I get to blog for the wedding coordinator I work with once a week! She is so busy, she has asked me to blog about anything wedding related once a week to keep her blog going! I am SO excited because I already have 2340845 ideas! Okay, not literally hahaha! But quite a few things in my head! I will post a link when I do my first one :)

That's it for me! Hope you're all having a lovely Tuesday!




  1. you are ADORABLE! so excited to follow your blog! and congrats on that weight lose! that is amazing! i lost 60 pounds in 2010, so i know how wonderful it feels! keep it up girl :)

  2. Thank you Valerie!! :) 60 pounds?! That is incredible! Go you! Thanks so much for the encouragement! :)