Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day One of A Wedding Coordinating Intern!

Yes, today was the day! My first wedding as an intern!

And guess what...
I loved every single millisecond of it!

Was it stressful at times? Of course! Did I want to sit down after six hours? You bet I did! Haha but it is so worth the pain I now feel in my legs...I'm sure I'll get used to that standing ha!

I won't bore you with alllllllll the details (because really, I loved it so much that I could) but let me tell you a few standout things from my first night:

1. There was no bridezilla here! The couple was so sweet and kind! I was mostly in charge of the bride and had to run on a mission to find her Q-tips, make sure she was stable haha, and let her know when we could head down to where the ceremony was starting. She was great and told me repeatedly how much she appreciated the assistance, comfort, and compliments! She even gave $40 to my "boss" to give to me for the thanks! What a sweetheart! I was not expecting that at all and was genuinely so happy for them that I didn't want to take the money haha!

2. I had to keep the groom's mother away from the open bar! This was my most stressful task haha! I was told that his mother was a recovering alcoholic and had had some head trauma last year so was forgetful about being a recovering alcoholic at times! So I had to stand by the open bar during the cocktail time after the ceremony and let the bartender know who she was and to not let her order alcohol. I was so afraid she was going to get some and turn into a crazy drunk and ruin everything hahaha but it turned out great--only club soda for the mom!

3. I got to queue the "bridal party" (they didn't have bridesmaids/groomsmen, only their parents had a special aisle processional...this was a veryyy chill wedding) with the use of a special walkie-talkie headset we have (PRAISE THE LORD FOR THESE!!! haha). Cindy (my boss) would change the song on the ipod (no DJ at this wedding!) and told me when to tell who when to go! I loved being there before they walked down because it was such an exciting thing to witness their emotions.

Conclusion: In all honesty, I don't know what my career will be. I don't know how my life will play out, but I can tell you one thing: this is something I love and that I want to incorporate into my life somehow. If it's occasionally for a friend or relative, that's great! If it's as a career, awesome! Either way, I know this is a gift and the passion I have for people and the desire I have for making such a special day less stressful is something that makes me smile. 

I was nervous that this night would make it or break it, that I would know from this wedding what I wanted with 100% certainty. Well I'll never have 100% certainty, because I'm too indecisive for that haha but I can tell you this wedding showed me 1. I truly am passionate about wedding planning and not just weddings 2. I need to be in a field that works closely with people and 3. I need to have crazy butterflies about my work like I did tonight. I am so excited to continue in this internship and gain more experience to see where this might lead. Overall, I had such a great night and learned so much! So thankful for this experience I'm embarking on :) 

That's all for me! Bedtime! Have a lovely Sunday!!



  1. congrats on your first wedding! so exciting!

  2. Just found your blog! I'm insanely jealous of your internship, LOL. Glad you enjoyed it! Still on my mission to find what's right for me in life. But I do write a LOT about weddings and I am having a great give away right now if you'd like to stop by! :) Have an awesome day!