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Hi y'all! My name is Kaylee! I am a twenty-something-year old midwestern girl by birth, southerner at heart, and life-long traveler! I am a follower of Jesus, wife of Joshua, avid reader, lover of baking & cooking, constant smiler, and pursuer of adventures in all shapes & sizes!

Thursday, April 19, 2012


I have not blogged in FOREVER! I fell off the face of the earth and I have missed it SO much! So I'm returning to blog world because school is winding down and I'm sure I will have lots more time to write about things in the months to come...however I can't promise there will be lots happening haha! Here is a recap of the last month:

1. I'M GOING TO OXFORD!!!! I, Kaylee Hunter, found out YESTERDAY that I will be studying at Oxford University in England next semester. Holy cow. I'm still freaking out about it. You can bet that I'll be blogging constantly there to give friends/family/etc. updates on my life in England as I won't be able to use my American cell phone there! So, keep an eye out in September ;)
This is the beautiful campus in Oxford!


                                This is an AMAZING library on campus (one of MANY!)

This is where I'll be living!

A bridge in town :)

A castle just outside of town!

I am already planning out my travels for during and after my semester! If you're flying over an ocean, you better be taking full advantage of your time there haha! I have never been anywhere outside of North America and have never done anything so independent! I am so blessed and excited for this adventure to come!

2. I'm going home for the summer!
I'm so excited to soak up all that is Minnesota/my home for what possibly could be the last lengthy time I spend there. I'll be living with my family and working and I know it will be so good. It definitely will be hard not seeing Josh for the summer, and then not for the fall semester as well, but these are things you can only work on one day at a time!

3. My sister is graduating from college on May 5th!
We have been together my whole life (we're only 16 months apart, 2 grade levels apart). Granted, there was the chunk of time in high school when she went to college that we were apart, but that was different haha. She's moving to Seattle with her best friend. I'm so excited for her but also sad that this time is over. I have loved being on campus with my sister/best friend. Running into each other at the library, grabbing dinner on campus quickly, meeting up spontaneously...these are things I will genuinely miss. I don't know what the future holds for Jamie, but I know she will be great in whatever she does! :)

That's about it for my recent excitement! If you have any advice or tips about traveling in Europe, sisters/friends graduating and leaving, long distance relationships, let me know :) Haha have a fabulous day!



  1. that is so awesome! i'm excited for you!

  2. Oh my gosh, congratulations! I used to live in England for a few years when I was little, and it's amazing!!

  3. Ho wincredibly excting is that news! YOu will have a blast there. I wish I would have studied abroad longer, it's definitely an experience you'll never forget! Congrats!