Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Doilies

It's Wednesday! That means another post for Wedding Wednesday! Yay! Haha! This week I'm talking about a certain idea that I personally love and really would like to use for my own big day! I haven't seen it around many blogs, but I've searched all over and have found all kinds of ideas that could use this one, cheap thing for ALL areas at a wedding: DOILIES! Yes, that's right...the little papers! Before you go ahead and think this is completely odd, look at the photos below and see what I'm talking about!

First of all, lets just look at the possibilities with invitations! I love the different feel you can make with little doilies! On the top, the bow and colored paper gives it a more formal feel (who knew that was possible with a doily?!) and the middle with the brown paper and yarn to tie it together, we have a more laid back/rustic feel! The bottom also is very laid back with a simple doily folded over the top with pretty writing. How easy and inexpensive!

I know these photos aren't very close up, but these are the programs used for a wedding that would match very well with the invitations above for that laid back feel! A doily on the front with brown string (left photo) and just a plain piece of brown stock paper with a little doily folded over the top! So easy and again, very inexpensive! I really love the look of these!

The above escort signs are both done with doilies! The top photo simply has doilies pinned in a frame, giving it a little bit of a more formal feel. The bottom photo simply has the doilies tacked into a colored board. So easy and simple and the different shapes and sizes of doilies makes this really fun!

The above photos are seating cards (which differ from the escort cards because the escort cards show which table the guest is seated at, while the seating cards show which place the guest should sit at. Some couples choose to not have seating cards, but sometimes it is easier to assign a place than to have guests awkwardly wonder where they should sit). The calligraphy on these doilies look very pretty and simple! Again, I don't know if you could get something cheaper!

These photos are great favor ideas! Simply add a doily to a paper bag and set up some sort of "help yourself" station. The one on the top had a candy bar set up for guests to fill their bags with candy. The doily has lyrics printed on it, adding a little more of a personal touch. The second photo simply has thank you written with a sweet little butterfly cut out. There are so many different things you could do with doilies as a favor, but these are just some examples.

The above photos are just some random decorating ideas I found with doilies! The top photo is simply cutting doilies into shapes and hanging them on strings to put up at the ceremony or reception. The bottom photo is just wrapping a doily and taping to fill with anything! It looks like flower petals to throw for the groom and bride in this photo, but you could put anything in there from flowers, to popcorn and candy! 

Overall, I think doilies are a great little sub-theme to any wedding! There are so many things you can do with doilies to add that sweet and simple touch to your big day! It also doesn't hurt that it would probably end up saving you lots! I hope you find some inspiration for taking something simple and making it the perfect addition to your special day!

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Beauty From Ashes

As I'm sure most everyone knows by now, a horribly horrendous thing happened in Aurora, Colorado two nights ago. A young man came into a movie theater and shot and killed 12 people, wounding 58. The first thing I thought of when I heard of this tragedy was WHY? What possessed a young man with his whole future ahead of him to do such an evil thing? That, I do not know. Police have him in custody and I'm sure things will start to be revealed and will unravel.

However, in the midst of this tragedy there is good. Good because of God. I know I wasn't there. I didn't hear and see the evil that was taking place. But God was there. God was in that theater. God was grieving over His son choosing such evil. God was grieving over His children being hurt, being killed. No one can understand God completely because God is omnipotent and almighty. But from reading the Bible, it is clear more than anything that God loves His children more than anything, which is why He sent His own son to die so that we could live with Him forever. 

I know that when His children choose evil over good, we break His heart. And that when His children are hurt and killed, He weeps. I imagine the sadness I feel as I write this multiplied by infinity, and maybeee that comes close to the sadness He feels, but it's probably still much more than that. God created man in His image, to be good. But God also created man with free will, a gift, that is unfortunately used for bad by some. 

When people ask, "Why would a god let things like this happen to us if he loved us?", it's essential for all to know that this absolutely breaks God's heart. Evil was never in His plan for us. But because He gave us free will, so that we might choose to love Him and live our lives for Him, we also have free will in all aspects of or lives. So God didn't make this happen, God didn't want this to happen. We are not robots who are on a set path. God blessed us with free will. Unfortunately, this is used in the wrong way by some.

But I don't want you to leave reading this blog feeling like I just reiterated a sad story. I want you to read this amazing blog that was written by a mother who was in that theater with her two daughters. Her words made me cry. Yes, because of the tragedy. But also because of hope that we have in Jesus. This is an amazing testimony that I hope you will read. In it she says,

"God is always good. Man is not. Don't get the two confused."

How true are those words. I think of Job in the Bible. Job was a righteous man, who did all God asked of him. Satan tells God that he thinks if Job was put through horrible things, Job would lose his faith in God. So, Job is put through horrible things--his whole family dies, he loses all of his animals, etc. It goes on an on and I just want it to stop when I'm reading it because it hurts my heart to see so much pain in one man's life! When reading that book, I ask why? Why would God let such horrible things happen to Job. I sound like an unbeliever myself but I read of the loss and hurt and it hurts my heart that such a Godly man is put through so much bad! When you get to the end of this book in the Bible, Job STILL has faith in God. I am amazed at his faith. I have not endured much pain in my life, so to imagine losing everything and still having faith is so amazing to me. I pray that I will have faith like that through all the ups and downs in my life. 

The woman who wrote the blog talks about faith like Job's. That even through tragedy and evil, God is STILL good, He is ALWAYS good. He can make beauty out of ashes and that even though this evil thing happened, His goodness is far greater than all the evil in the world! I have hope that there will come so much beauty from this because my hope is in God and His promises to us! Please be reminded of God's goodness and power today. Continue to pray for all those who are grieving and that God's light would shine light into this darkness.

Love always,


Friday, July 20, 2012

Little Love Stories

One of my favorite local wedding photographers is We Heart Photography. They are a Christian husband/wife duo that take the most beautiful photos and I adore reading their blog, where weekly they've been posting little love stories from their past. I love reading the stories (which don't necessarily go in order! A twist! haha). I think it's a wonderful way for them to let their potential/past clients get to know them better, and also a great way for them to document all of the details of their love story without letting much fade away. How cool would it be to look back years later and read every detail of your love story?! So, I'm also adding another series besides Wedding Wednesday to my blog--Little Love Stories! They will be more than once a week, mostly because I love writing and I love my love story haha! So I hope you'll enjoy the little love stories to come :) Here goes the first!

I was new to younglife, an outreach ministry that has college-aged leaders go into high schools and get to know them, befriend them, and proclaim the Good News to them! It's unlike any other ministry I know of because you are investing in these teenager's lives, being a mentor, a friend, and a leader. It's truly an amazing ministry! Anyways, I was going to a leader's conference at Forest Home the last weekend of October 2010. At this retreat, area leaders and people high up in younglife gave little seminars filled with advice on how to be effective leaders, how to write club talks, how to not come off as a creeper to high school students, etc. haha! Overall, I was excited to go and learn more about this amazing ministry, but also nervous because I only knew my sister Jamie and her best friend Anna. 

We were meeting the other leaders at the high school our ministry was working at beforehand because they were having their homecoming football game so it was going to be a good way to hang out with the high schoolers. I met some leaders and "kids" and was having a lot of fun. We were walking out and met with the other leaders in the parking lot. There, standing next to some of the leaders I had met, was Josh. He was wearing his letterman's jacket (because he actually went to this high school we did ministry at!) so I was very confused. I thought, "DANG this high schooler is cute and looks so much older! Is this how they all look?!" Haha well I was introduced and learned that he was actually a leader, luckily ;) We broke off into different cars and all made our way up the mountain to the retreat.

The weekend was filled with fun activities and growth! I learned a lot about younglife and being a good leader! Overall, we all bonded as a team and it was cool to feel connected to the leaders I would be in ministry with when returning to campus! On the last night, there was a halloween dance. All the leaders from the LA area were there so maybe 100 or more college-aged students crammed into a little event area to dress up, dance, play games, and act like kids! We all had a blast! 

Although Josh had already caught my eye, something about this night sparked more than that. I was not completely out of my shell with these new people yet (I'm quite the introvert), so dancing with complete strangers was not something I was too excited for (especially because I'm not the biggest fan of dancing to begin with--I'm horrible haha!). So as everyone in the center was dancing around, I was kind of standing awkwardly in the middle, as if I was waiting for something to happen, looking around. The next thing I knew, Josh came out of nowhere and grabbed my hand and did a little dance move to pull me over to where some of our leaders were and we all danced. I was blushing big time. I thought he was the sweetest guy ever to notice me feeling uncomfortable and to take action so that I wouldn't be uncomfortable. I didn't know what was going to happen next, but I loved the way he made me feel in that small moment.

The Team! (Josh is in the Elvish costume on the far left haha! That's me on the bottom right! I was afraid to be too close to him because I knew I'd blush! Haha!)

As we've talked back about that weekend, he told me how the first time he saw me at the high school he thought I was the hottest thing ever (weirdo hehe). The whole weekend he wanted to talk to me and get to know me better. I love looking back and seeing his perspective--putting the pieces together :) That weekend was the start of our soon to come flirting, constant texting, and hard-core crushing...

Come back soon for another little love story!

Thanks for reading,


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

So as you might know (or maybe you don't know haha), I am a huge lover of all things wedding related! My love for planning and weddings had me seriously considering becoming a wedding coordinator (I even got an internship with a coordinator!). But ultimately, my passion for English kept coming back and my love for youth and seeing the potential in them truly made me confident in my original plan of becoming a high school English teacher. I believe that the things that we are good at or passionate about are God given things! If we don't use our talents, I feel like that's not very honoring to God who gave us each distinct gifts and passions! Thus, I am pursuing a degree in English and am 100% confident in my goal because I know it's what God has given me! However, I still loveee weddings and planning so if friends or family didn't have it in their budget to hire a coordinator, I would LOVE to help them in planning, vendor searching, etc. because that also gives me so much joy! I actually have many word documents with weddings I have planned for friends/family for fun (even though none of them are engaged haha). 

I know people do posts like "Wedding Wednesday" but they all do it a little differently! I thought it would be fun to share some things every Wednesday that I would love to incorporate into my future wedding someday (not engaged, just love being inspired haha) or some ideas that are big in weddings...I read a lot of wedding blogs haha :) I love the weekly themed postings a lot of you girls do so I'm joining in!

For my first "Wedding Wednesday", I wanted to share with you a super cute idea that I hope to make a main theme at my own wedding someday!


Haha I know it might sound ridiculous, but I absolutely love coffee! It's so comforting and cozy and I think it would be so fun to tie in with a wedding! Here are some great pictures and ideas I came across while doing some research ;)

Of course the most important thing for a coffee themed wedding would be the coffee bar! I am in love with this idea! By having coffee set up on a table with sweet little pastries and little signs, I think it would be the cutest thing and really popular with guests!

^^Here is a coffee bar to die for with cute little cream bottles labeled with what flavor they are!

^^I love the donut holes on stirring sticks! A fun little treat :) Also notice the monogrammed cup holders! Love it!

There are so many cute and easy DIY ideas with coffee that you could do that would also be pretty inexpensive! ^^ Here is a great shot with the rings that I just love!

Cute matching mugs!

Escort cards in little drawers filled with coffee beans! So easy!

Perfect & easy centerpiece idea! Jars filled with coffee beans with beautiful flowers!

^Love this as a favor!

:) I know etsy has all kinds of cute signs like this ^^ related to coffee that you could put anywhere at your wedding!

So if you love coffee as much as I do, definitely consider a sweet coffee inspired tie in on your big day! Such an easy and cute way to incorporate something you love and to make your day cozy and wonderful! Hope you enjoy!


Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Fastest Longest Summer!

I know that doesn't make sense...haha but this summer has been going by so slowly, and yet I'll be heading back to California in 33 days! I don't even know where this summer has gone but I'm ready to be back in my niche. Being home this summer has been really trying for me. It was nearly impossible for me to find a job that would hire me for just the summer, which led to me taking anything I could get...a job at McDonalds (never ever thought I'd say that haha!), despite them hardly scheduling me! Quite the humbling experience!! 

Anyways, I've had a lot of time to think while being home most days. Something I've talked about before is how I have two different lives--my Minnesota life, where my family remains and the life that was comfortable for me for 18 years is. The more introverted, quiter me was in that life. Then, there is the California life--the life that consists of adventures, constant new things, my wonderful school, my amazing friends, and Josh! The more out-going, adventurous me lives there haha! I know I'm so blessed to have two places to call home, with people who love me and miss me in both places! But it is so difficult to be content in one place because my heart is in both places, constantly missing the place I'm not in. But I'm taking control! For these last 33 days, I'm vowing to cherish the quite moments, the time I have with my family, the drives through the familiar places that I love, and all of the little things in between that are special to me. When I get back to school, I vow to be happy because I have my friends, Josh, and my school! I have so much to be thankful to God for and I don't want to be taking things for granted anymore! Whenever I feel sad or not content with where I am, I vow to thank God for even having a place to miss! I saw a quote on pinterest the other day from Winnie the Pooh that said,

"How lucky I am to have something that makes saying   
goodbye so hard."

I really love this and it is such a great reminder of the blessing it is to have people who we love so much that we don't want to say goodbye to. I am very very thankful for the places and faces that make leaving difficult. I am truly blessed and I don't thank God enough for all that I'm blessed with/by! 

Those are my thoughts for now :) Haha I'm really for real this time going to be more consistent in blogging because I do love it a lot! It's like a public diary :) Haha! 

Hope you're having a beautiful Saturday!