Saturday, July 21, 2012

Beauty From Ashes

As I'm sure most everyone knows by now, a horribly horrendous thing happened in Aurora, Colorado two nights ago. A young man came into a movie theater and shot and killed 12 people, wounding 58. The first thing I thought of when I heard of this tragedy was WHY? What possessed a young man with his whole future ahead of him to do such an evil thing? That, I do not know. Police have him in custody and I'm sure things will start to be revealed and will unravel.

However, in the midst of this tragedy there is good. Good because of God. I know I wasn't there. I didn't hear and see the evil that was taking place. But God was there. God was in that theater. God was grieving over His son choosing such evil. God was grieving over His children being hurt, being killed. No one can understand God completely because God is omnipotent and almighty. But from reading the Bible, it is clear more than anything that God loves His children more than anything, which is why He sent His own son to die so that we could live with Him forever. 

I know that when His children choose evil over good, we break His heart. And that when His children are hurt and killed, He weeps. I imagine the sadness I feel as I write this multiplied by infinity, and maybeee that comes close to the sadness He feels, but it's probably still much more than that. God created man in His image, to be good. But God also created man with free will, a gift, that is unfortunately used for bad by some. 

When people ask, "Why would a god let things like this happen to us if he loved us?", it's essential for all to know that this absolutely breaks God's heart. Evil was never in His plan for us. But because He gave us free will, so that we might choose to love Him and live our lives for Him, we also have free will in all aspects of or lives. So God didn't make this happen, God didn't want this to happen. We are not robots who are on a set path. God blessed us with free will. Unfortunately, this is used in the wrong way by some.

But I don't want you to leave reading this blog feeling like I just reiterated a sad story. I want you to read this amazing blog that was written by a mother who was in that theater with her two daughters. Her words made me cry. Yes, because of the tragedy. But also because of hope that we have in Jesus. This is an amazing testimony that I hope you will read. In it she says,

"God is always good. Man is not. Don't get the two confused."

How true are those words. I think of Job in the Bible. Job was a righteous man, who did all God asked of him. Satan tells God that he thinks if Job was put through horrible things, Job would lose his faith in God. So, Job is put through horrible things--his whole family dies, he loses all of his animals, etc. It goes on an on and I just want it to stop when I'm reading it because it hurts my heart to see so much pain in one man's life! When reading that book, I ask why? Why would God let such horrible things happen to Job. I sound like an unbeliever myself but I read of the loss and hurt and it hurts my heart that such a Godly man is put through so much bad! When you get to the end of this book in the Bible, Job STILL has faith in God. I am amazed at his faith. I have not endured much pain in my life, so to imagine losing everything and still having faith is so amazing to me. I pray that I will have faith like that through all the ups and downs in my life. 

The woman who wrote the blog talks about faith like Job's. That even through tragedy and evil, God is STILL good, He is ALWAYS good. He can make beauty out of ashes and that even though this evil thing happened, His goodness is far greater than all the evil in the world! I have hope that there will come so much beauty from this because my hope is in God and His promises to us! Please be reminded of God's goodness and power today. Continue to pray for all those who are grieving and that God's light would shine light into this darkness.

Love always,


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