Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Fastest Longest Summer!

I know that doesn't make sense...haha but this summer has been going by so slowly, and yet I'll be heading back to California in 33 days! I don't even know where this summer has gone but I'm ready to be back in my niche. Being home this summer has been really trying for me. It was nearly impossible for me to find a job that would hire me for just the summer, which led to me taking anything I could get...a job at McDonalds (never ever thought I'd say that haha!), despite them hardly scheduling me! Quite the humbling experience!! 

Anyways, I've had a lot of time to think while being home most days. Something I've talked about before is how I have two different lives--my Minnesota life, where my family remains and the life that was comfortable for me for 18 years is. The more introverted, quiter me was in that life. Then, there is the California life--the life that consists of adventures, constant new things, my wonderful school, my amazing friends, and Josh! The more out-going, adventurous me lives there haha! I know I'm so blessed to have two places to call home, with people who love me and miss me in both places! But it is so difficult to be content in one place because my heart is in both places, constantly missing the place I'm not in. But I'm taking control! For these last 33 days, I'm vowing to cherish the quite moments, the time I have with my family, the drives through the familiar places that I love, and all of the little things in between that are special to me. When I get back to school, I vow to be happy because I have my friends, Josh, and my school! I have so much to be thankful to God for and I don't want to be taking things for granted anymore! Whenever I feel sad or not content with where I am, I vow to thank God for even having a place to miss! I saw a quote on pinterest the other day from Winnie the Pooh that said,

"How lucky I am to have something that makes saying   
goodbye so hard."

I really love this and it is such a great reminder of the blessing it is to have people who we love so much that we don't want to say goodbye to. I am very very thankful for the places and faces that make leaving difficult. I am truly blessed and I don't thank God enough for all that I'm blessed with/by! 

Those are my thoughts for now :) Haha I'm really for real this time going to be more consistent in blogging because I do love it a lot! It's like a public diary :) Haha! 

Hope you're having a beautiful Saturday! 


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