Friday, July 20, 2012

Little Love Stories

One of my favorite local wedding photographers is We Heart Photography. They are a Christian husband/wife duo that take the most beautiful photos and I adore reading their blog, where weekly they've been posting little love stories from their past. I love reading the stories (which don't necessarily go in order! A twist! haha). I think it's a wonderful way for them to let their potential/past clients get to know them better, and also a great way for them to document all of the details of their love story without letting much fade away. How cool would it be to look back years later and read every detail of your love story?! So, I'm also adding another series besides Wedding Wednesday to my blog--Little Love Stories! They will be more than once a week, mostly because I love writing and I love my love story haha! So I hope you'll enjoy the little love stories to come :) Here goes the first!

I was new to younglife, an outreach ministry that has college-aged leaders go into high schools and get to know them, befriend them, and proclaim the Good News to them! It's unlike any other ministry I know of because you are investing in these teenager's lives, being a mentor, a friend, and a leader. It's truly an amazing ministry! Anyways, I was going to a leader's conference at Forest Home the last weekend of October 2010. At this retreat, area leaders and people high up in younglife gave little seminars filled with advice on how to be effective leaders, how to write club talks, how to not come off as a creeper to high school students, etc. haha! Overall, I was excited to go and learn more about this amazing ministry, but also nervous because I only knew my sister Jamie and her best friend Anna. 

We were meeting the other leaders at the high school our ministry was working at beforehand because they were having their homecoming football game so it was going to be a good way to hang out with the high schoolers. I met some leaders and "kids" and was having a lot of fun. We were walking out and met with the other leaders in the parking lot. There, standing next to some of the leaders I had met, was Josh. He was wearing his letterman's jacket (because he actually went to this high school we did ministry at!) so I was very confused. I thought, "DANG this high schooler is cute and looks so much older! Is this how they all look?!" Haha well I was introduced and learned that he was actually a leader, luckily ;) We broke off into different cars and all made our way up the mountain to the retreat.

The weekend was filled with fun activities and growth! I learned a lot about younglife and being a good leader! Overall, we all bonded as a team and it was cool to feel connected to the leaders I would be in ministry with when returning to campus! On the last night, there was a halloween dance. All the leaders from the LA area were there so maybe 100 or more college-aged students crammed into a little event area to dress up, dance, play games, and act like kids! We all had a blast! 

Although Josh had already caught my eye, something about this night sparked more than that. I was not completely out of my shell with these new people yet (I'm quite the introvert), so dancing with complete strangers was not something I was too excited for (especially because I'm not the biggest fan of dancing to begin with--I'm horrible haha!). So as everyone in the center was dancing around, I was kind of standing awkwardly in the middle, as if I was waiting for something to happen, looking around. The next thing I knew, Josh came out of nowhere and grabbed my hand and did a little dance move to pull me over to where some of our leaders were and we all danced. I was blushing big time. I thought he was the sweetest guy ever to notice me feeling uncomfortable and to take action so that I wouldn't be uncomfortable. I didn't know what was going to happen next, but I loved the way he made me feel in that small moment.

The Team! (Josh is in the Elvish costume on the far left haha! That's me on the bottom right! I was afraid to be too close to him because I knew I'd blush! Haha!)

As we've talked back about that weekend, he told me how the first time he saw me at the high school he thought I was the hottest thing ever (weirdo hehe). The whole weekend he wanted to talk to me and get to know me better. I love looking back and seeing his perspective--putting the pieces together :) That weekend was the start of our soon to come flirting, constant texting, and hard-core crushing...

Come back soon for another little love story!

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