Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Doilies

It's Wednesday! That means another post for Wedding Wednesday! Yay! Haha! This week I'm talking about a certain idea that I personally love and really would like to use for my own big day! I haven't seen it around many blogs, but I've searched all over and have found all kinds of ideas that could use this one, cheap thing for ALL areas at a wedding: DOILIES! Yes, that's right...the little papers! Before you go ahead and think this is completely odd, look at the photos below and see what I'm talking about!

First of all, lets just look at the possibilities with invitations! I love the different feel you can make with little doilies! On the top, the bow and colored paper gives it a more formal feel (who knew that was possible with a doily?!) and the middle with the brown paper and yarn to tie it together, we have a more laid back/rustic feel! The bottom also is very laid back with a simple doily folded over the top with pretty writing. How easy and inexpensive!

I know these photos aren't very close up, but these are the programs used for a wedding that would match very well with the invitations above for that laid back feel! A doily on the front with brown string (left photo) and just a plain piece of brown stock paper with a little doily folded over the top! So easy and again, very inexpensive! I really love the look of these!

The above escort signs are both done with doilies! The top photo simply has doilies pinned in a frame, giving it a little bit of a more formal feel. The bottom photo simply has the doilies tacked into a colored board. So easy and simple and the different shapes and sizes of doilies makes this really fun!

The above photos are seating cards (which differ from the escort cards because the escort cards show which table the guest is seated at, while the seating cards show which place the guest should sit at. Some couples choose to not have seating cards, but sometimes it is easier to assign a place than to have guests awkwardly wonder where they should sit). The calligraphy on these doilies look very pretty and simple! Again, I don't know if you could get something cheaper!

These photos are great favor ideas! Simply add a doily to a paper bag and set up some sort of "help yourself" station. The one on the top had a candy bar set up for guests to fill their bags with candy. The doily has lyrics printed on it, adding a little more of a personal touch. The second photo simply has thank you written with a sweet little butterfly cut out. There are so many different things you could do with doilies as a favor, but these are just some examples.

The above photos are just some random decorating ideas I found with doilies! The top photo is simply cutting doilies into shapes and hanging them on strings to put up at the ceremony or reception. The bottom photo is just wrapping a doily and taping to fill with anything! It looks like flower petals to throw for the groom and bride in this photo, but you could put anything in there from flowers, to popcorn and candy! 

Overall, I think doilies are a great little sub-theme to any wedding! There are so many things you can do with doilies to add that sweet and simple touch to your big day! It also doesn't hurt that it would probably end up saving you lots! I hope you find some inspiration for taking something simple and making it the perfect addition to your special day!

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