Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

So as you might know (or maybe you don't know haha), I am a huge lover of all things wedding related! My love for planning and weddings had me seriously considering becoming a wedding coordinator (I even got an internship with a coordinator!). But ultimately, my passion for English kept coming back and my love for youth and seeing the potential in them truly made me confident in my original plan of becoming a high school English teacher. I believe that the things that we are good at or passionate about are God given things! If we don't use our talents, I feel like that's not very honoring to God who gave us each distinct gifts and passions! Thus, I am pursuing a degree in English and am 100% confident in my goal because I know it's what God has given me! However, I still loveee weddings and planning so if friends or family didn't have it in their budget to hire a coordinator, I would LOVE to help them in planning, vendor searching, etc. because that also gives me so much joy! I actually have many word documents with weddings I have planned for friends/family for fun (even though none of them are engaged haha). 

I know people do posts like "Wedding Wednesday" but they all do it a little differently! I thought it would be fun to share some things every Wednesday that I would love to incorporate into my future wedding someday (not engaged, just love being inspired haha) or some ideas that are big in weddings...I read a lot of wedding blogs haha :) I love the weekly themed postings a lot of you girls do so I'm joining in!

For my first "Wedding Wednesday", I wanted to share with you a super cute idea that I hope to make a main theme at my own wedding someday!


Haha I know it might sound ridiculous, but I absolutely love coffee! It's so comforting and cozy and I think it would be so fun to tie in with a wedding! Here are some great pictures and ideas I came across while doing some research ;)

Of course the most important thing for a coffee themed wedding would be the coffee bar! I am in love with this idea! By having coffee set up on a table with sweet little pastries and little signs, I think it would be the cutest thing and really popular with guests!

^^Here is a coffee bar to die for with cute little cream bottles labeled with what flavor they are!

^^I love the donut holes on stirring sticks! A fun little treat :) Also notice the monogrammed cup holders! Love it!

There are so many cute and easy DIY ideas with coffee that you could do that would also be pretty inexpensive! ^^ Here is a great shot with the rings that I just love!

Cute matching mugs!

Escort cards in little drawers filled with coffee beans! So easy!

Perfect & easy centerpiece idea! Jars filled with coffee beans with beautiful flowers!

^Love this as a favor!

:) I know etsy has all kinds of cute signs like this ^^ related to coffee that you could put anywhere at your wedding!

So if you love coffee as much as I do, definitely consider a sweet coffee inspired tie in on your big day! Such an easy and cute way to incorporate something you love and to make your day cozy and wonderful! Hope you enjoy!



  1. YUM! This really sounds like the CUTEST idea! And it's not very common, which makes it funner! I want to be invited to your wedding ;) ha ha!

  2. Haha! If you're in the area, you can totally come and enjoy some coffee ;) haha glad you love it as much as I do!!