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Hi y'all! My name is Kaylee! I am a twenty-something-year old midwestern girl by birth, southerner at heart, and life-long traveler! I am a follower of Jesus, wife of Joshua, avid reader, lover of baking & cooking, constant smiler, and pursuer of adventures in all shapes & sizes!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Catch Up

I am so mad at myself for not keeping up with the blog! I wanted to but taking 18 units and working isn't leaving much spare time for me to even think about blogging haha! So update...

It looks like Josh & I will be getting married on December 28th, 2013! It sounds so far away but I know this next year will fly by so fast as we prepare for that wonderful day! :) We had come up with a few different dates but they just didn't sit right. We were trying to squeeze in such an important day (due to his intense grad program & me deciding to study abroad), but with this date, it will be perfect! I am so happy and excited to have a truly white wedding haha! And in Bozeman! I'm not going to really start planning until I get back from Oxford in April. I feel like THEN it will be appropriate to get all crazy planner lady ;)

Also, I will most definitely be updating my blog at least every week while in Oxford! I want all my family and friends to feel updated with my life in the midst of communication being a little more difficult! I am so excited for this adventure! I have never done anything so completely independent. I don't know one single person going in my program as I am not going with my school, and of course I'll be in a different country! But I am embracing it completely! I'm getting giddy just thinking about boarding my plane on January 3rd! :)

In other news, my brother and sister-in-law are expecting their first baby in early February! In addition to that amazing news, I will get to nanny baby Luke ALL summer in Pensacola, Florida! I am so excited to spend time with my brother and his wife, and of course the new baby! Growing up, my brother and I weren't very close. It wasn't until I was about 17 and my brother was about 20 that we started bonding and had a lot of fun memories! He became such a great support system and I truly value that time we got to share before he left for the air force. I also haven't had the chance to spend a lot of time with his wife, who I lovelovelove! She is wonderful! So I am excited to deepen those relationships, and of course became the favorite auntie ;) Hehe!

Anyways, I must get back to studying for a test in the morning haha! I'm going to try and post more before I leave for England! :)


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