Saturday, January 5, 2013

And So It Begins!

Hello all!

I'm typing this from my amazing room in my amazing house (called "The Vines") on Pullens Lane in Oxford, England! (Doesn't that even sound cute?? Haha!)

(The front view of my house! I think there are about thirty of us students in this house!)
(The view from my window--this is the side yard!)
(My side of the room! There are four beds in our room, but only three people! We have a couch--the red one right there--that's viewing the window! So great!)
(Pullens Lane! Walk about 5 minutes down and you're on a busy road called London Rd.)
(Hehe! Just discovered this!)

It was quite the trip getting here! I left from Minneapolis on Thursday at 12:30pm, arrived in D.C. at around 4pm (Eastern time). We all were seated on the huge plane, ready to take off to London, when they announced to us that it appeared the engine was on fire (it wasn't actually, it's sort of like when your engine light randomly turns on in your car). However, when that light goes on, you don't want to drive your car. So was the case with our plane. You can imagine how thrilled I was to hear such news (flying anxiety). But I prayed, thanked God that this had been noticed BEFORE we were over the ocean, etc. I had friends/family praying for me too as this news really stressed me out. We had to wait to be "taxied" back to a gate, where we didn't know what would happen. They explained a lot of us might have to wait in D.C. for hours. Once we were all off the plane though, they announced that they in fact had an extra plane (the SAME exact plane) PTL! I was SO relieved!

So we left two hours later than we had planned but still arrived in the morning in London (at around 9:45am). I only slept for about 25 minutes on the plane but kept myself entertained with the movie selections they had and by listening to the two little boys next to me talk who had adorable little British accents :) Haha! After getting through customs, I dragged all of my luggage across the airport and somehow made it to the central bus station where I bought my bus ticket to Oxford (Josh, you were right! I was 3 pounds off haha so I had to use my card!) When I found the right bus, I got on and slept! It took about an hour to get to my stop! The driver was so helpful when I had told him it was my first time in England! I love people...and accents!! :)

So I got off and walked across the street to Pullens Lane and walked about five minutes down the cute little lane to my home! I think I got there around 1pm. I brought my stuff up to my room and kind of just took it all in. I was so exhausted from all of the thinking/lack of sleep. I went downstairs to meet about eight other students that had arrived before me to be polite, however then I went right back upstairs and slept for four hours before we had a quick little meeting and prep for dinner.

By the time we sat down for dinner at around 7pm, I realized that the only time I had eaten that day was when I had a little croissant on the plane at 7am. Strange how travel and lack of sleep throws everything off haha! I ate a lot of pasta and salad :) After that, I came upstairs and unpacked and then went to bed (around 9:30pm) and woke up at 9am! I could've slept longer (my bed is SO comfy!) but I thought it was about time to wake up and get out!

Soooo I got ready, put my coat on, and walked for about 30 minutes. I found a coffee shop (Costa, which is like the Starbucks of England! It's everywhere!) and got a vanilla latte for 2.30 pounds (I still don't get the conversion rate but I'm thinking that was an okay price haha). Sadly, I've been spoiled with my campfire and turtle mochas from Caribou Coffee because the latte I bought here tasted like there was no sugar in it at all :( But, I drank it because I need my coffee :) Haha!

The weather is PERFECT here! 50 degrees and cloudy :D It's like a dream haha! I didn't even need my coat! I love it! We're having a little house meeting in a bit and then a BBQ and getting our bikes later in the afternoon! Tea time is at 4pm :) I love it here so much! I can see myself wanting to stay forever haha! I can't wait to explore more and get into my studies (did I just say that? I might regret that later...actually, I know I will haha!) Anyways, I will keep updating! However the first few days will just be filled with orientation so there won't be too much to write about! Miss all my friends and family already! BUT there are many adorable bed and breakfasts within a 10 minute walk of my house if you want to visit ;) Hehe!



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