Friday, January 11, 2013

As It Were...

Hello all!
I hope everything is going great back in the States! I've compiled a little list of "things" for you today :)

Things I'm missing:
Joshua/Family/Heidi, Target, ranch dressing, Jamie's amazing hair straightener haha! It's only been a week but those are the things I'm missing!

Things I keep hearing: 
"As it were" (which I believe means "as a matter of fact"...still trying to make sense of it/get up the courage to use it in a sentence haha), "Brilliant", "Lovely", etc. I love how each place has their own slang. So interesting to me!

Things I'm excited about: 
London/Chipotle/Phantom of the Opera tomorrow...yay! I'm also excited because I feel like I've found who will be my core people! Again, I know it's only been a week but it was hard to even find a few people that were like me in the beginning and I was feeling pretty lonely. Don't get me wrong, everyone here is nice and smart, however I need more than academics to complete me haha! I need sanity, a superficial release of sorts (hence the bachelor, twitter, shopping, pinterest, etc.)! I'd like to think I'm a good blend of smart and superficial (and this is why Heidi is my best friend!!) haha :) Learner was my top strength according to a test I took at APU so I get the desire to be studying, but the majority of people here are just so intensely focused that it makes me a little stressed to be honest. I've never been around a house full of people who just read all the time haha! I know it's Oxford and academics are important, but I could study all day/all week at home in the States! I did NOT come to ENGLAND to sit inside all day haha! So that leads me to my next exciting point...traveling! I initially told my mom and Jamie that it was going to be a lot of studying and I'd be inside all the time and they both said, "No! You will not be inside all day! You're going places!" So, I took this motto hahaha and found a few girls who agreed that although we all would like and will aim for A's, a C would also be completely acceptable because 1. It's frickin Oxford, the second best school in the world (according to a recent study haha) and 2. We need to explore while we can! I'm so thrilled to have made friends with such fun girls who are like me and laugh! It's very stress-relieving to know I'm not alone :) We have decided to switch off weekends for locations that are nearby with ones that are further away based on our tutorials (every other week we have two tutorials instead of one, so the weeks where we have just finished two, we will go further away so we don't have to stress out!) Here is what we have planned or are working on thus far: 1. London tomorrow! 2. We're spending the day in Bath next Saturday! It's about a two hour bus ride! That's where the Jane Austen centre is! Woop woop! See, we can be nerds too! 3. Paris the following weekend!!! Ahhhh! This is exciting haha! Not many people go that far on weekends, but it's a very short plane ride (less than 2 hours I believe) and we will just be gone for Saturday-Sunday! The rest of the weekends are in progress, with the exception of spring break! We found a groupon deal for a 3 night stay and flights to Venice for 110 pounds per person which is AMAZING! We're planning on doing it, but we'll see if we find any other deals that look more appealing :)

Things that sadden me:
Every time I log onto some social network and even in conversations, I see/hear people complaining about "everyone getting engaged/married." I honestly hear more people complaining about people getting engaged/married than people actually getting engaged! It makes me really sad how people view marriage today. It's something that they see as ruining their future almost, like it interferes with all of their desires and hopes. It is the complete opposite, however our society wants you to think otherwise. They want you to think that you must accomplish everything you dreamed of before you can commit yourself to one person for the rest of your life, they want you to "live while you can", and they don't want you to be "tied down." Well, I'm calling it...that is selfish and sad! God made marriage as a perfect unity that represents the marriage of Christ and the should be beautiful! People should be THRILLED to get a glimpse at what that love and commitment looks like! However so many people have bought into the lie that it takes away more than it benefits. God wants us to experience life together! How much more fulfilled will I be getting to share my dreams and accomplishments (along with trials and hardships!) with Josh! I get teary-eyed just thinking about how exciting it will be to have him as my life partner and to be able to do life together! So you want to go to grad school, travel, be successful, reach a certain position in a career, etc. What do ANY of those things have to do with marriage? I don't see how they'd interfere at all. I'm not telling everyone to go out and find anyone to marry. All I'm saying is that if you have found the one "whom your soul loves" and know this person is the person you want to do forever with, why in the world should anyone try to discourage such a beautiful and God given gift?! Is it jealousy? Insecurity? I don't know what makes people so upset about engagements but I am so excited for any couple who is embarking on such a wonderful thing! If people really want to complain about "everyone getting engaged/married", they're letting their own internal conflicts lead them to hating on something God created and intended. Maybe that will change their attitude on an amazing thing! :)

Well, that about recaps my day haha! I'm off to watch "The Holiday" with some girls! I will update on Sunday after our wonderful day in London tomorrow :)


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