Sunday, January 6, 2013


What a full day I've had! Let me paint you a picture :)

Imagine you sleep in until noon (oops, still getting over jet lag perhaps?) and you get ready, go down to the kitchen/dining room where about eight of your fellow housemates are eating together. Imagine you then go and make a peanut butter and honey sandwich (you didn't know where the jelly was). After eating your sandwich, sipping your coffee, and discussing a variety of different subjects with your housemates, you decide it's time to get some fresh air. So, you walk outside and grab your bike. You head left down Pullens Lane and continue down, trying to remember which way you had gone the night before when a returning student had showed you the way into the city. After trial and error, you figure out which direction you need to be going, but realize you really don't mind if you get lost because it is so beautiful and you are in England. So you continue on and things look more and more familiar, leaving you with a sense of accomplishment. After riding for a while, you wind up in part of the University Parks, a path that was frequented by C.S. Lewis. You stop and take some photos because it is so beautiful.

After getting back on your bike, you continue on until you are out of the park and into more of the city. You ride past beautiful buildings, mostly which are related to University of Oxford, and stop to take more pictures.

After you're done stopping (again), you decide you've captured enough photos to be a normal tourist before crossing the line to being the obnoxious tourist so you get back on your bike and continue. You still have time before you are to be at Wycliffe Hall for tea time so you decide to ride into the City Centre and explore for a bit. After almost dying from the crazy bike lanes and not exactly knowing where you are to ride, you park your bike and lock it so you can wander around. You wind up coming across a pastry shop and buy a cinnamon looking pastry (it's delicious). You then head back to your bike and ride to Wycliffe Hall. After drinking tea and mingling with other students in the program for about an hour, you are invited to a night service at Christ Church. You decide to go because you hear it's beautiful (people weren't lying). 
You sit through the service (that is all sung), staring around at the beautiful and old building, in complete awe of the architecture and the voices singing to God. After the service, you and a few other students decide to head to the famous pub called "The Eagle and Child", where C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien met with other authors to discuss writing and what not.
You order fish & chips and cider, because you're in England and that's what you do.
You have great fun with new friends, even if you get lost on the way home, because it's beautiful and you're in England :)
This was my wonderful day! I'm feeling so blessed to be here and experience such wonderful things, and it's only been two days! Wow! I look forward to all of the experiences I will gain from this amazing opportunity! :)

Love you all!


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