Monday, January 14, 2013


Monday is usually a rough transition. I love sleeping in on the weekends usually so it can be hard to get back into the week. I had planned on waking up at nine this morning to go to starbucks or a library and work, but I definitely turned my alarm off and woke up at ten instead :) Haha! But it's okay! I've been reading and working all day at my desk instead, which is nice and peaceful as well! It's so quiet in our house! Everyone else is probably at the library. I've never been a person to work at the library though. I love libraries! But the dead silence actually distracts me and makes me MORE A.D.D haha so I'm in my room alone, listening to my jams, and outlining my paper (which by the way is on the significance of children and babies in Macbeth--kind of a downer haha!). It's been a pretty productive day! My paper isn't due until Thursday afternoon but I want to be done by tomorrow night so I can get a head start since next week I'll also have my Jane Austen tutorial in addition to Shakespeare and need to get to reading Pride and Prejudice! I'm trying to be diligent about managing my time and it's going pretty well!

This weekend was great! A big group of us went into London on Saturday and saw all of the tourist attractions, and then a few girls and I saw the Phantom of the Opera (at its original theatre might I add!) and it was AMAZING! I definitely cried! As my nana says of the phantom, "he really loved her!" And that was all I could think about as he played the little monkey music maker and cried as Christine went away with Raul :( Haha so sad!!! Thank goodness for Amanda, my friend here from Biola, who is also as crazy as me and sympathizes with unhealthy/disturbed individuals haha! Yesterday I slept until noon (we didn't get back from London until 1am and we had walked about nine miles all day so I was exhausted!).

Oh! Exciting news! Yesterday I ordered save-the-dates for my WEDDING! Ahhh!! So exciting! There were some deals on shutterfly that I needed to take advantage of so I got that taken care of! My mom and Jamie have graciously volunteered to address them (love you guys! you are the best haha!). Because it's a "destination wedding" (although most people would not consider Montana this haha), they need to go out about 8-10 months before the wedding so people can make travel plans and what not so I'd say in the next two months those will be sent out :) They are so cute! I love them and can't wait for all of our family and friends to see them!

Tonight, I'm making my mexican casserole (or attempting with whatever products I can find here) for my food group. There are five girls in my food group, meaning Sunday-Thursday one of us each night will prepare dinner for the rest of us. It's super nice for time/money purposes! And to make sure we're getting the right nutrients because I guess one term a guy got sick from living off of pb&j sandwiches haha! Well, I should get back to working on my paper before I had to the store in a bit! I'll update again later in the week when :)


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