Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tea Time with Shakespeare

Hello friends and family! :)

I hope you all had a nice long weekend thanks to MLK! Two holidays in the States that I'm missing while away--MLK Jr. Day & President's Day! However, the only reason those ever mean anything to me is because I don't have class those days haha! So this really doesn't make too much of a difference as I don't have regular class here!

Anyways, I'm having a really productive day! I'm feeling proud! :) I started my paper today and I am almost done! I'm writing on Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, which is what the movie She's the Man is based on. First of all, I loved reading the play yesterday! I literally laughed out loud! I never thought I would be that nerdy girl laughing while reading Shakespeare! However, I am now that girl! Secondly, I'm enjoying writing my paper!! What is this business?! Haha I found some great secondary sources and am writing on if the reader is left with any pity for Malvolio at the end of the play (if you know what the play is about, you can give me your answer! However, I said no haha I thought it was funny).

As I'm typing this blog post, I'm sipping tea (but don't worry, I already had coffee today!). I'm just drinking tea because it's cozy. Also, tea is so much better the way they do it here. Add some milk and sugar, and it almost looks like coffee! Haha!

I believe my time management is getting a lot better here--which is amazing (Josh thinks so too haha!) At APU, I procrastinate because I tend to work better when I know I have to get things done. And because I just procrastinate ha! But living in a house with 35 students who are all being productive will definitely get you working! I'm already almost done with my paper that isn't due until Thursday afternoon! Woooo! But I have to write my Jane Austen paper that is due Friday. I had to plan this out so I'd have about two days to write that one as well. I'm not stressed though! I really enjoy this system--that's probably getting old because I say that in almost every blog post haha but it's true!

I'm sorry my posts are boring and wordy--I will work on taking more pictures (Jamie told me to haha)! However, during the week I'm just reading/writing so there isn't too much to capture! I'll take pictures of whatever events take place this weekend to spice things up :)

Back to my paper to finish it off! Have a wonderful day!


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