Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tutorials & Christians = Yay!

The last time I blogged, I said I would fill you in on how my tutorial went, so here it goes! I loved it! Let me explain it quick for those who might not know. At Oxford, instead of lectures, you meet one-on-one with a "tutor" for an hour each week (which isn't like an American tutor haha it's a brilliant person in whatever area you're studying that is like your personal teacher). You have a primary tutorial, which is every week, and a secondary tutorial, which is every other week. So this past week, I just had one (which was Shakespeare). I had to have come having read Macbeth and have written a 2000 word paper on the image of babies and children in the play. Before coming to Oxford, I was terrified thinking that I was going to have such a hard time because Oxford is so prestigious! However, 2000 words is about 6 pages, which is technically a "short paper" so it's really not as bad as it might sound. I really like my primary tutor. He's a very relaxed man with a ponytail ha! Anyways, I came into the room on Thursday and we started chatting and he asked me how I like Shakespeare, and I was very honest...I told him I struggle a lot with understanding so I bought the "No Fear Shakespeare" version. See, you have to be honest in a tutorial system because they ask SPECIFIC questions and they would find out if you were lying haha! But he ended up appreciating that I did this, because he said it showed I really truly wanted to understand Shakespeare. This reaction really surprised me, but it was great! We didn't even really talk about my paper. He would ask me what I though of certain scenes or characters, and not to quiz me, but to genuinely want to know what I thought. How cool is that! I thought I would be very nervous, but I was very relaxed and it was great! I look forward to my tutorials this week, just got to get to reading haha!

Last night, Amanda, Brittany, and I went to the international Christian cafe night I had come across when looking at clubs at Oxford. We met about 12 people from all over the world, mostly the UK, because they put the event on for international students like us! It was really great! We spent a few hours chatting and learning what to not say/eat/etc. from a fellow American doing her masters here! I was talking to a girl from Malaysia for a while, a guy from Singapore told his testimony, a guy from Northern Ireland was talking about how they think Americans are "plump" (unfortunately, we didn't help this perception as we had just discussed how nothing has enough sugar here and that we need to start carrying some in our purses hahaha). But don't worry! I responded with, "Excuse me! What about Adele?!" Haha! If you didn't know, she's a heavy singer from the UK! I was just trying to make a point..ha! But it was all in good fun! Jonny, the young guy who helps puts the event on every Friday told us about a church that a lot of students go to so we'll be checking that out tomorrow! Very excited to get plugged in!

Finally, I failed this morning. I was supposed to wake up at 8:50am to get ready to leave the house by 10 to go to Stratford, however I never set the alarm on, I only set the time :( So I slept until 12 hahaha! I guess I needed some sleep! Oh well! There's plenty more weekends for such things! Probably better that I get some reading done today! So I'm off to eat, get coffee, and read Pride and Prejudice! I hope you have a splendid day!


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