Friday, February 22, 2013

Kaylee and the Case of the Earwax

Last Thursday, as I might have mentioned in a past blog post, I started to feel like I was getting a cold. No one likes to be sick, and with all the traveling I have coming up, I was hoping it would run its course quickly. Unfortunately, it was not a fun cold and I have some funny stories to tell about that took place due to my little cold.

Monday night, I was up for about an hour due to a horrible earache. I was on the verge of tears and just felt so helpless. I then became really concerned because I knew I would be flying on Saturday morning and thought it might be an earache (when my mom flew with a bad cold/ear pain a few years ago, her eardrum burst and she still doesn't have complete hearing in that ear, hence my heightened fear). So I tried to call a doctor on Tuesday but was told I couldn't get in until the following Wednesday, which obviously irritated me haha! So I said no thanks and hoped things would get better. 

Well, I didn't have any ear pain following that one night, but my ear was still clogged. I didn't know what it was, but I couldn't hear and I was beginning to freak out. So, desperately, I begged Amanda and Sarah to come to the A&E with me (the ER). It didn't take much begging because we're always up for adventure/another story to tell haha so we left our house at around 11pm and walked about 12 minutes to the hospital. We waited for three hours until I was seen...I was told that my ear was backed up with WAX (so he couldn't even see if there was fluid behind it) but that the hospital couldn't do anything to get it out. I just started laughing. Of course. That would happen. I still don't understand why a hospital couldn't handle earwax. But, if one thing came from that experience, it was that I wrote my whole paper while waiting to be seen! It was productive, but still annoying.

So, I left the A&E feeling hopeless, like I'd never hear out of my right ear again. The next morning, I called the doctor again because I had found out earlier in the day that the doctor's office keeps a few morning slots open. So, I went to bed at 4am after getting back from the hospital and woke up at 8am to call the doctor, who then told me I'd have to pay 50 pounds to be seen (which is about $90), so being me and having been through my night, I laughed and said no thanks, again.

My mom sent me a link to a home remedy the following day, which involved olive oil and a pumping a syringe of water. I tried that twice, thanks to Sarah, but it didn't work. I went to bed on Thursday night, knowing I'd still get on the plane Saturday morning regardless, but not knowing the fate of my ear. But today, every thing changed!

I bought some special drops for unclogging ears from a pharmacy (that contained hydrogen peroxide), put the drops in my ear and waited. I could hear it bubbling so I knew something was happening! I pumped some water into my ear with the syringe and it came out!!! It was a glorious feeling! After lots of hard work, frustration, and prayers, my ear is clear! I can hear, there's no pressure in my ear which means no infection, and I'm confident to get on my plane in 6 hours!

Funny little story but it about sums up my week haha! Anyways, I'm getting ready to board a 3 hour bus to the airport in an hour and then will board my plane to Dublin! I'm really excited to explore Ireland! I'll be getting back early Tuesday morning (4am) so then I'll be crashing but I'll try my best to blog with pictures that night! :) Have a great weekend!



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