Sunday, February 17, 2013

Week Six

Hello lovely people!

(Classic London tourist photo hehe)

We are officially entering week 6 out of 8 weeks in the Oxford tutorial system. Wow. How crazy fast! I have written seven papers in five weeks and only have to write five more these last three weeks! The weeks go by so fast, probably because I sleep a lot haha! I love not having classes! My schedule is what works best for me, which usually means staying up late and sleeping in :) 

These next three weeks will go be even faster because of traveling! This next weekend, Amanda, Brittany, Sarah, and I will be heading to Dublin, Ireland. We bought roundtrip airplane tickets for about 35 pounds, can't really beat that! We will be there from Saturday-Monday. I'm really excited to see the city of Dublin, but also to see the countryside! That was one thing that we didn't get to see in Scotland, which is crazy because it's mostly countryside! So we're going on a day tour on Monday in Ireland to see where movies like "Braveheart" and "P.S. I Love You" were filmed (if you've seen either of those movies, you know the scenery is BEAUTIFUL!) so that's really exciting! The following weekend, from March 1st-3rd, we're going to PARIS! I am so thrilled! Not for another long bus ride...haha but it a little less time than the bus to Scotland and it's during the day, so that should help! That Friday is Sarah's 21st birthday, so you can bet we will be celebrating by sipping wine under the eiffel tower! Doesn't get much better than that :) We'll also be heading to Versailles while in Paris (somewhere I've wanted to go forever, King Louis and Marie Antoinette's palace!) and the Louvre to see Mona Lisa! How amazing! And the weekend after that is the official start of our mid-term break, which means Sarah and I will be in ROME! I think I'm most excited for this! I've always wanted to go to Italy, especially Rome! What an amazing city full of history and beauty! We'll be there from March 9th-13th! I can't wait to see it all!!! After mid-term break, we just have a British Landscape course where we go on field trips and only have to write two papers. We also have to write a longer research paper on the topic of our choice! I've decided to write my paper on how what is popular in children's books in a given time period reflects the society at that time (I'm specifically interested in our current culture's obsession with violence/darker concepts, but I'll be using past centuries to help my argument as well).

This past week, my body gave into the cold :( Haha living in a house with 35 people, where many have been coughing and what not for weeks, I knew it would hit me eventually, and unfortunately it started Thursday. Today it's really bad, I woke up because my throat hurt so bad and my nose was so stuffed I couldn't breathe haha! Ick! Unfortunately, my brain doesn't really want to think but I have to write two papers this week so it needs to step it up! Thankfully, I read most of Hamlet on Friday so I only have a bit more to get through and then I'll try to write most of my paper tonight! I'm really impressed with my time management here, despite sleeping in a lot haha!

Yesterday, Amanda, Sarah, and I headed into London for a few hours with one goal in mind--CHIPOTLE! And we accomplished that goal :) It wasn't exactly the same, but very close and we were so desperate for Mexican food we didn't care haha! After that, we went to the British Museum and walked around Oxford Street. London is beautiful, but I can't stand all of the smoking. You honestly would think they didn't get the memo that smoking leads to cancer or other serious health issues because I couldn't escape the smoke-filled air! Which also made my cough worse so made me crabbier haha! But it was cool to see!

(Oxford Street in London, equivalent to Hollywood Blvd. in LA, 5th Avenue in New York, Magnificent Mile in Chicago, etc. haha)

So this week will just be writing and coughing! Haha I miss all of my friends and family, but I am so extremely content here! It's crazy to look back at my post about having a hard time adjusting because I feel so happy and accepting of everything now! I've accepted the different culture and can appreciate England for England! I'm so blessed and thankful for this amazing opportunity! I will cherish the memories I'm making here forever :) Now off to trying to finish Hamlet! Have a great Sunday!


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