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Hi y'all! My name is Kaylee! I am a twenty-something-year old midwestern girl by birth, southerner at heart, and life-long traveler! I am a follower of Jesus, wife of Joshua, avid reader, lover of baking & cooking, constant smiler, and pursuer of adventures in all shapes & sizes!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Closing Time

I'm sitting on the couch in my room listening to "Home" by Michael Buble as I watch the rain come down outside my window. It seems like the appropriate scene as I prepare to leave Oxford :) This last month has been a complete whirlwind. Our "British Landscapes" course came and went, just like the tutorials that came before it. As I begin to prepare the things I need to pack up my bags and fly back, I also begin to mentally prepare--prepare for the emotions I will probably have as I say goodbye to this place I have called home for the past three and a half months, the emotions I will have as I quickly see my family and Josh before heading to Florida for the summer, and the emotions that come with gratitude and a thankful heart for the amazing experience I have had.

I have been so blessed by my time here. As we "debriefed" today, I reflected on my favorite parts of my term at Oxford. One of the most amazing experiences was my experience with my tutorials. I learned so much, but not just about the topic of my tutorials--I learned to be confident, I learned that my opinion was valued, I learned to not rely on secondary sources to make an argument for me, I learned that I am a better writer than I give myself credit, I learned to clearly make my point, I learned to rely on primary texts, I learned how to freely discuss my thoughts with an expert in the field and not feel inferior simply because he/she is further along academically. A part of me is disappointed that I have to go back to APU in the fall and take "regular" classes where I am constantly made to feel like my opinions are not as valid as the professor's, where the professor won't know me as a person, but as another student they lecture. I'm trying to be positive about it, as it is my last semester of my college experience. I know that even if the lecturing drives me crazy, what I will be able to apply from my experience at Oxford is my new and improved style of writing essays. I feel like I am a much better writer than I ever was and I cannot wait to go back and apply that to my last few classes. 15 papers and 35,000 words later, I'm ready to own my last semester haha! The confidence I have gained through this experience is something I would have never gained and for that, I am extremely grateful.

Obviously the other greatest experience was making amazing friends. Had I come to Oxford with the APU program, I would not have met Amanda and Sarah. It feels like I have known them for years now, so imagining having never met them is crazy. I am so thankful for the light they've been in my life in the gray, and sometimes lonely England. If it wasn't for them, I would have had a really difficult time here. It is crazy to think how close we became in just this short amount of time! Now they're both going to be at my bachelorette party and are planning on coming to my wedding. How amazing is that?! I'm so thankful for these two wonderful friends I've made and will miss seeing their beautiful faces every day. I cannot wait to continue our friendship back in the States and see what is in store for them :)

This weekend will consist of packing, cleaning, and getting more and more excited to get on the bus Monday morning that will bring me to the airport. I cannot wait to be reunited with my family and Josh! I cannot wait to get to Florida to see Aaron and Cassie and finally meet Luke! I am so blessed and excited for all the things happening in my life! God isn't just good in the highs, He is good in the lows and He always provides!

Thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement during these past few months! I cannot wait to get back and share stories :) See you soon!