Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Another Adventure

It's almost been a whole month since I left England and got back to America. I can't believe it! My last few weeks have been packed full though, hence why it feels this way. I got home to Minnesota and three days later got on another flight to head to my love in California. I was there for nine days and spent some great time with Josh! We had lots of time together because his schedule was surprisingly open for just the week I was there! He got to meet Amanda! I went to happy hour with Heidi! Saw a bunch of friends! AND we decided to change our wedding location, but not just venue...the state! Haha!

Of course I had come to envision my perfect wedding in a snowy atmosphere, surrounded by mountains in Montana. However, school and other things change that. Josh and I talked about his schedule for internships and decided that since we don't know if he'll get time off after, it would be easier to stay near school so we wouldn't have to stress about getting back from Montana immediately the next day. So we got a venue booked about 30 minutes from school and everyone is pretty happy (although it wasn't just for them, that makes us happy too). It was great to be there :) It was sad to say goodbye on April 28th, but I was also so excited to meet my nephew, who has completely stolen my heart by the way! 

I spend all day Monday-Friday from 6:30am-5ish with my handsome little man! I am by no means a morning person, but it is all worth it to soak up every single second with Luke! He is so perfect to me! This past week he got his first shots and as a side effect, got a little fever/pain. This led him to be really uncomfortable and cry a lot (he's typically a happy baby all day). My heart was breaking to see him hurt so much that I started crying! Haha! I am so sensitive!! But that's not always a bad thing :) 

Aaron and Cassie (and Luke!) are headed to Cassie's graduation (she just finished school and got her bachelor's degree!) in Arizona tomorrow and won't be back until Sunday. I'll miss them! But I'm excited to have some down time in the first time in a while! I'll be going to the beach (which is BEAUTIFUL and only five minutes away!), seeing "The Great Gatsby" on Friday, and looking at some scripture! In the meantime, I'm constantly looking at wedding ideas on pinterest! We're less than 8 months and counting from the big day so nothing is urgent (well, urgent in wedding planning terms haha), but I'd like to get some stuff thought out :) I am so thankful for this opportunity to spend time with family this summer! I'll update next time with photos and what not :)



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