Friday, January 16, 2015

"Right For a Reason" is a must read!

Right for a Reason is an absolute must read for all conservatives, and anyone else who is ready to read the truth about why conservative politics is the only solution to a successful America. Miriam Weaver and Amy Jo Clark (aka The Chicks on the Right) tell it as it is in this refreshingly honest and hilarious book that looks at all of the stupidity taking place in our country right now. The chicks have taken what is typically a disheartening topic of our failing administration and have turned it into a hysterical, pun-filled, straightforward look at not only what is wrong with liberals, but why their actions and policies are wrong for our country. The chicks have no apologies, as they state in the introduction, “Fortunately, we happen to be extra loud and persistent. And we don’t give a damn about what anyone else thinks about us.” Every topic from capitalism, American pride, welfare, abortion, feminists, personal responsibility, racists, homosexuality, birth control, first amendment rights, and second amendment rights are addressed throughout the book. Within each topic, Weaver and Clark back up their beliefs with relevant and timely stories that give further depth to their reasoning. Perhaps what is the cherry on top of their fun and sassy commentary are the solutions the chicks give for individuals as conservatives, as well as the GOP as a whole. As they state early on in the book, “Republicans are the broccoli party—what we offer is really good for everyone, but our message is not sexy.” Nowhere else have I read a more realistic outlook on why the Republican Party is having such a difficult time getting votes. With suggestions such as playing offense, putting social issues on the back burner, getting women and minorities elected, using straight talk, loosening up, using media, getting new candidates, and fighting fire with fire, the chicks have come up with the perfect solution for how to get a Republican elected. And thanks to this amazing book, the chicks are leading the way for changing the perception of conservatives everywhere. 

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